Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I moved

Sometimes I wonder if I've changed so much, that myself five years ago wouldn't like what he sees in me now. I've changed from what I had told the guy who asked me 1st time in an interview. It has been a few days since this blog has been lying without a post. To be precise 103 days since I've last posted in this Blog. A lot has happened over the days and a lot of that could be found in my Facebook Album that tells about the 3rd Trimester I've had at IIFT. Life has been hectic, but then most of the time the Delhi cold made me wrap myself under the blanket and snore.

I missed a lot of classes and am sure my grades will drop severely this term, but then most of the times I've had a very bad mood and almost everyday I just wanted the course to end. Maybe it was seeing the seniors roam around the campus practically doing nothing other than waste time, maybe it was the stupid projects that were handed out like candies or maybe it was the faculty which didn't inspire me to take up studies seriously.

Anyways coming to the topic at hand - I've always wanted to have a domain name of my own and I had once mentioned this to Hari. He had said at that time that he was planning to gift me a domain name for my 24th birthday which is coming up real soon coz he's got a lot of cash reserves in his paypal account, thanks to the Advertisements he's earned. So yesterday while at his home he said why don't we setup the blog today? We just did that and here I am with my own domain name in the WWW. Ladies and gentlemen presenting before you :-


Hari said...

Congrats once more, bro! :)

Happy Birthday in advance! :D

Evidently, all the tech-issues are sorted out now. All's left now is the move to wordpress, which, I'll make sure you're goanna do very soon. :P

Quest said...

Welcome to the Owner's Club :D
May the visitors surpass the IPL Kochi team's absolute value ;)

faguni jain said...

The seniors were not going around doing nothing!! and if they were, it was a reward for working so hard :P Your time will come too! :P cheers to that!