Friday, December 18, 2009

Way to go Tiger

The title doesn't mean that I am going to speak about Tiger Woods and his last few adventures wherein he has lived upto the tag-line that he used to endorse until a couple of days back, but he did live upto my dream(I am sure he is living upto the dreams of a lot of yougsters, especially after this).

But no, this one is rather about my own adventure today that made me quite a star. Today was the last day of my 2nd trimester examinations. I had Macroeconomics in the morning and it is considered to be a toughie amongst all of our exams. I was having a lot of sleepless nights in the last few days due to the exams and sleep was really catching upto me. I and two my roommates had devised a ingenious plan(something like the C2D from 5.someone) where I would get my 7 hours of daily sleep and still manage to study. We would sleep in the evening from 5-10 PM(not together, don't get ideas people), then have dinner, study the entire night till 4 or 5 AM(different subjects demand different hours :D). We came up with this plan after the 1st of our exams, corporate finance, went down the drain. This was going quite fine but still sleep was catching up to me each day and I hadn't slept at all in the last 2 days, due to the extremely demanding subjects. Yesterday I fell asleep in the exam hall, but that isn't something very new to me; as I am a regular sleeper in classes over here at IIFT.

What happened today is something that only I've heard from friends in some of the other IIX's(x = T or M depending on how F***Ked up your life is). Today after the 1st exam which was a breezer, I had a solid three hours to sleep before the next exam which happened to be Business Communication - 2. It was basically a paper full of s**t where we are supposed to do a lot of Bulls**t analysis about written and other communication methods.

I slept at 1130 in the morning and didn't even get up for lunch. I was woken up at 1 by a roommate for lunch, but then sleep was more alluring to me at that point of time and I didn't bother to get up. I remember having nice dreams about how a hot chick (correction, make that two hot chicks) will be sitting next to me and how in the 3D movie world I will join them..........ok this is getting too much. Coming back, as I said I was having these awesome dreams and I didn't remember to set an alarm in my cell phone to get up on time @ 3 PM to write the exam and just as when I was having a GREAT time with the above mentioned chicks in my hWAT dream, i get these irritating phone calls from my Class Representative. He had called me 4 times before I picked the phone and then I saw the time on the phone and was stunned. It was 15:09. I was 09 minutes late already for a stupid exam in which I didn't want to get an F. I jumped out of bed and was shocked but happy to see one of my roommates also sleeping in his bed. I kicked him and we both found our pens and ran to the exam hall. I was 15 minutes late as I reached the exam hall and all my classmates were having a good laugh at my misfortune.

That is MBA for you my friends, a course where your roommates forgets to wake you up from sleep; but still you end up being a joker and not a loser :)

PS:For the concerned folks - I did take the exam and went on to bulls**t how I will be nice to a subordinate who f**ks up a PPT or when I am about to fire him off :)