Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Pagal Post

The below post is something i posted in in the IIFT final converts forum. Here's the original post link. Felt i should put it in my blog as well.

I personally feel good to have worked too the past 18 months. Coz i came to know a lot of things that i never knew as a fresher. One was regarding my knowledge in my subject and the most important was my skill of dealing with people. I worked(still working) in a chemical factory and there i never got the hi-fi life i dreamed. I dealt with people who're having little or no education but still masters in their craft. I feel its more difficult to deal with such people than with educated people. No offence to them, if they had better conditions when they grew up then am sure they'd have had a better career than me. I was more in the role of a facilitator, a sort of bridge between the top management which didn't deal with these workers directly, but used engineers like me to get the job done. I had lot of tough days, days when i thought why i chose this job instead of the software job i had got in Wipro. Each day i lamented about my decision to come here when some crisis happened in the factory. But then this enabled me to deal with crisis, one after the other over the past year i've learnt how to deal with problems that crop up without any notice. I feel the job has helped me know myself better. I feel more confident taking decisions.

Back in my college days the only such experience i had was when i was coordinator for my college's fest. That's the maximum exposure a small town guy like me could get in his college days. Those days i used to deal with people who're like minded, who're educated like me, who're having the same ideology; and i dealt with a few lakhs of rupees and that was a BIG thing for me back then. In my job i dealt with people who never got any extra incentive for doing a job in the night shift, and it was very very tough motivating them. In their eyes i was someone who earned a lot more than they ever will, just cause i did a few more years in college or school, when they were out earning a living. I dealt with equipment worth crores of rupees. I used to make purchases of machinery worth millions of dollars. I signed bills worth lakhs. I was 1st perturbed by the idea of people my dad's age or more calling me SIR. But i slowly gained their respect and they used to discuss with me more than just their factory problems. I became the young-guy-who-helps. I was invited to each and everyone of their functions, weddings, kids' birthdays and what not. But then I had a nagging boss who made me wanna quit this job each day. Even today while coming for lunch I was asked when i will be going by 4 men. They all had a sadness in their eyes when they spoke to me and had a pride in their face when they said "We'll tell the next batch that comes in that someone went for MBA from this office". I feel good about this fact. I feel good that i worked.

My friends in IIM's and other top colleges who got in the 1st time i wrote CAT were telling me how wrong they were to have entered without job-ex. Some of them struggled to get GREAT JOBS inspite of having excellent acad's(i mean 90+ all thru career), awesome extra currics and sports. I didn't say they didn't get jobs. They did get, but they never get the kind of DREAM jobs we hear about in the papers. So i feel good that i didn't get through any tests in my 1st and 2nd attempts and that i made it to IIFT this year. I hope to have a great 2 years ahead of me with batchmates like you.

Looking forward to it.

PS: This post isn't meant to counter anyone's stand or to demoralise anyone. But i thought i should say this out here.


Abhijith said...

Great post dude !!
I really liked the part about the workers being sad that u r leaving .

Anyway I kno tht you'll carry with you the jewels of knowledge that you have gained from this job all through ur life .

Rock IIFT dude !!

Quest said...

Very true...dealing with people is the hardest job in an industry...and getting the correct work done from them even hardest..
The management just wants the results under such duration and its all upon us to meet that else its time wasting meetings and discussions to sort that matter out :D
Incentive for extra work done is a foregone thought ;) its just toil and make others toil...If you have withstood the pressures of an industry then there is nothing more that a career in management would demand :)

PS: I have passed bills worth crores :P Knew from here that a single 3.8 mw motor can cost 2 crore :)

Hari Vishnu said...

wow.. that guy could as well be u.. so similar in many ways..

crazy to see the ways of a job-bing life.. i guess work-experience is total man-eat-man world.. need to try it out sometime..

and yea, great post.. credit to the pagal guy ofcourse :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Abhi - Thanks man! Hoping the best for you as well :)

@ Quest - You said it! Totally right man! The 2 crore deal got how much in your pockets?

@ Hari - This is a post I did in PG. So the guy IS me :). I pray you never get a boss like mine. He's taunting me since the day i submitted the resignation letter.

Hari said...

Felt really moved by your post.

From the outside, your job might seem like a bed of roses with the fat salary packets et al, but the pain you went through for a while - I've hands-on experience of what you went through

I'm sure you'll relish the experience you've had at IFFCO. Your employees will forever remember you.

All the best!

Hari said...

And bro, you are tagged. :D

lucky said...

Awesome dude.
Great experience, I must say.
I also want to share my experience in a blog like these.
You've inspired me a lot.
Thanks buddy

Homer said...

U r wiser nw...!!
Like Mr Miyagi from Karate Kid...!!:D
Use ur expertise to teach buddin professionalz kar..err professional stuff...!!:p

nd nice moving post on a more serious note..!!:)

Preyoshi said...

Nice it on pagalguy the first time, but didnt know it was u..agree wid most of what u said but not all. See u in delhi

sans of time said...

Most of the people have high expectations of whatever they get into, only to see them fall one by one when the reality of the situation dawns upon them. But in the end, one must conclude, every person deserves to be in the place where he is, and everything happens for good.

Good post. Good Luck. :)

manoranjini said...

Man.. I seem to have miised quite a lot happening here .Congrats on ur success !May God be with you always .. lemme chk out ur peviousposts that i missed now ..

Mr. Commonsensical said...

God works in weird ways buddy, if you believe in Him that is, but it always turns out to be the best way...

By the time you are out, recession might hopefully become a thing of the past, and better jobs will be waiting.

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