Saturday, May 23, 2009

It happened to me..

I've been not very active in the online world since last week; the reason being I've been going to duty in B Shift since 15th of this month. It was my last request to my boss as I wanted to sleep peacefully(*till 10 AM) during the last fortnight of my life as maintenance engineer. Ofcourse I can't tell him that I wanted to sleep, so my reason was "To enable better transition of knowledge to the guy who's come in to fill my spot, he should come in general duty(8AM-5PM) and I'll assist him in B shift(2-10PM)". So I was going to the office the last few days with books, newspapers, magazines and what not to keep me busy after 7 PM, as most of the jobs are complete by sundown and even if there are jobs continuing they usually don't require my physical presence at the work site. So I just goto my office(if you remember the pics from previous posts you'd know) and pull out the reading material I brought and go over it. In the last few days thanks to B shift I've managed to read half of "Love in the time of Cholera"; a book I've kept with me for so long, but couldn't get to read. I also took my net browsing thingy to the office and used to sit in the planning office and chat with people/read blogs/scrap on orkut and what not.

Coming to the point, today i was supposed to go in General duty because of the reason that am participating in Mahaquizzer 2009 from Bhubaneshwar and so I have to go in the evening train and stay there overnight. I ofcourse didn't tell my boss about this, the reason I presented before him was that both me and my replacement have our weekly-off's on sunday. So if we both take leave on sunday then no one will look after the plant activities on sunday(*you see plant comes first, even if its a BIG quiz). My boss was happy with my dedication to work even on the last weekend I was working and sanctioned the change of shift without much fuss.

So I was to getup and go at 8 AM to duty today. I was watching 27 Dresses, a romantic comedy, yesterday in HBO past midnight and it was 1 AM when I slept. I setup 2 alarms on my phone and 1 more in my roommate's phone. Today morning I got up hearing the hooter which sounds at the beginning and end of each shift. I was stunned to see that the table clock(a digital clock given free by some supplier as a courtesy gift after a long seminar on bearings) was showing the time as 08:02. I jumped out of my bed and ran to the toilet, didn't bother about other things but started brushing my teeth furiously, cursing Nokia company for making incompetent phones which can't even sound an alarm on time.

I finished brushing in record time of 1 minute 30 seconds and then took my clothes from the hangar and started to put them on, when I realised that my phone doesn't have sufficient battery charge to last the day. So I took the phone over to the charger which was on the table when my eye fell on the clock again. It showed 06:05. I was stunned AGAIN and to verify I checked the clock in my phone, then confirmed by checking my roomie's phone as well.

I cursed myself for this stupidity and was having a good laugh. By this time I was fully dressed and was going to wear my socks. I was laughing for a full minute before I started to undress and go back to bed. I called up a friend and was telling her all this. At first she must've thought "Why is this idiot making me getup this early" and it was clearly evident in her tone. But in the end she too had a good laugh about it and she said she's gonna get up and study. Then I tried my sister, but she conveniently ignored my calls and must be sleeping in her dreamy world now(hugging teddy I gifted her this birthday)

So moral of the story:Don't sleep too late and then get up earlier than you want to, it gives a THROBBING headache.

OMG its 7 AM, I need to go now!


Abhilash Suryan said...
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Abhilash Suryan said...

It happens once in a while to all of us....having a hearty laugh is good for one's health...and it makes it doubly effective if it's on oneself
keep laughing at yourself

Hari said...

Hilarious post! =)) Almost had me ROTFL (literally)

And, calling up 'her' to tell about blunders... KOLLA
AAAAAAM! Female friends... Hmmm... Nadakkatte! ;)

Well, apart from the headache, you didn't have any other side effect right? Good for you. :-)

atb for Mahaquizzer, bro! :-D

Abhijith said...

Maarakam thanne !!

I guess you'll have a lot of such experiences at IIFT .Make sure you don't take the digital clock to IIFT . Urakkam valare vilappettathaanu . Waste cheyyaruthu .

Great post bro !!

Ashi said...

hehe :D nw a days d climate s 2 gud tat i awoke up arnd 9:D (n keep ma phn SILENT )6am oke kanditte etreyyoooo masagale ayi wat 2 do :P hope u NOTE d tym whn i cald u bac 2 enquire y ya cald hehehe

Quest said...

Atleast you woke up early in one of those hot days :D

Wonder why this doesnt happen to the eternal snooze-r :- Hari ;)

My brushing is along with the morning shower to save time :)

Got this excuse to call up only that friend? ;)


DPhatsez said...
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Homer said...

Daz real dumb...!!:D
same thing happnd to me..!!
ws sleepn in da afternoon..woke up @ 6.00 nd thot it ws 6'0clock da nxt all panicky abt da tution whch ws @5.30..strtd brushn frantically..nd thnkin up a nice xcuse t tell da tution sir..only to find it highly odd that the aunty nxt door ws in my house @6.00 in da morn tokn to my mom..!!:D

DPhatsez said...

Gochu Galla! Avale shalya peduthanam alley! Nadakkattey!

Good one! Othiri naalinu sheshamaanu oru self goal vayikkunnathu ;)

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Happened to me too - when we first arrived here in the UK.

Forgot to change the time in my mobile and set an alarm for morning 6:30, which was actually 2AM. And I got up and got ready for work and had my breakfast - only after all this did I realise that I am dressed for work in the middle of the night!

I too sat and laughed for a full minute :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Abhilash sir - Thank you!

@ Hari - Female friend aarennu ninek ariyaamello, pinne enthinaadey kindunne?

@ Abhi - Thanks. I'll rem that advice

@ Ashi - Di di chakkare, ni kedannu urangi urangi sukhikuka alle, after 1 more week i'll see to it that you can't sleep

@ Quest - Well why Hari doesn't get up is a case study to be analysed by various top brains in the world. Nice tip abt the brushing, will try to implement in my life.

@ Arun - It happens. Thanks for the comment.

@ DPhatsez - Dey dey ith ni vicharikunna pole onnum alla case. She's a very good friend and that's it. Period

@ GWBE - Actually ur Taf of It Happened to me only made me write this post and creat a tag of the same name. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

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manoranjini said...

lols !!! that mix up serves you right,for having sooo much fun!I loved it.cant stop my devilish grin ! :D