Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The New Me........

Check out the NEW me :)


I'm said...

Nalla thala ... in slight pink light.

Enthu patti? Desp look. :-D

Viajero said...

Nercha aayiruno? ;-)
For getting into IIFT ? :D
Or Ghajini inspired ishtyle? :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Sasi - Well life's desp in general. Joli is killing me. I'd to go from 9 PM till 2 AM coz a problem popped up in the plant. So just that look on the face. Pinne thanks for such a keen observation :)

@ Viajero - No nercha or ghajini, just that the climate is too hot to bear here. So i bared my head to beat it :D

Hari said...


Ente daivamee ithu ivideyum itto??!! =))

Parayaathe vayya... odukkkathe glamour!!

Gunnerz' Forever!!! said...

patti kadicha roti poleyundu:)...btw, me too shaved off my hair:) pazhani muruga harohara:)

I'm said...

patti kadicha roti poleyundu

Ha ha haa! :-D =))

Hillbilly said...

So u r finally outta rehab eh??!!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Hari - Angene paranju kodukedey!

@ Sabarish - Asooyakyum kushumbinum pinne ni Gay aayathinum oru Marunnum illa. So get a life, else i'll come to DU in July and Kick ur Butt! Or i may settle for that shaved head of urs :)

@ I'm - Ath personal comment aa! Don't be so happy :)

@ Arun - Rehabil ninte T****A. Njan kooduthal parayeno ninte rehad kathakal?


Hari Vishnu said...

Ha ha haaaha ha hahaa haha hahaha hhaaaa.... chirichu chirichu mathiyaayi, entammo.. haaha hah haha..

so this is how u plan to clear your head ahead of ur mba? :P.. the 'new u', jumping ur job and starting ur studies :)

enthaayi IIFT.. wens ur starting date ?

Viajero said...

Are you home?@TVM?

Gunnerz' Forever!!! said...

GAY n ME?? LOLZ....dude, am gettin married nxt mnth:)...ur the one who mentions abt room-mates in bed who are tired n all in ur blog:)... the rest is there to decipher:)..pinne delhi university:)..angottu vannal mathi...pathiriyum porrotayum eduthu vekkam:)

new name for abhi : PKR:) ...have mentiond wat it is on the prev coment:)

Viajero said...

Countdown strtd 4 bidding adieu to paradip? ;-)