Thursday, April 30, 2009


Warning: This is a Looooooooooooong post and has a lot of me bitching about my boss and my work life in general. So read when you're in the worst of moods and best of free-time :)

Yes! I resigned from my job today. I had taken leave yesterday to work out on THE perfect resignation letter and searched google and a host of other career websites before getting onto something which was a mix from many good letters I saw. In short i copied from many and used my copy - paste skills to the best. I got to see a variety of letters; funny ones, short ones, to-the-point ones, one-up-your-@$$ ones and what not. I even went to read Satyam's Ramalinga Raju's resignation letter. In the search i found a few good ones too. Like Roosevelt's resignation letter, one-liner resignations, even those with abuses and what not!

One even had BLOGGING as its main theme. Couldn't help but posting it here.

The one-liner's were of the type

Dear Boss,

F**K You


Or the best one i got online was:


Main Chala.

Tujhe jo ukhaadna hai ukhaad le,


PS: The above letter can be RIGHTLY understood only if you've a good knowledge of colloquial Hindi, especially what MC means :)

Even though i really wanted to write one like the two above, but finally i settled on what's given below:


The Executive Director

IFFCO Paradeep Unit

Through Proper Channel

30th April 2009

Dear Sir,

Sub: Resignation from the services of IFFCO

I write this letter to tender my official resignation from IFFCO, as Senior Engineer (Mech) in Phosphoric Acid Plant, effective today, 30st April 2009. I also inform you that I would be completing my one month notice period as required by the company policy.

I do this with a quintessential feeling of regret which is bound to come on leaving a wonderful organization as IFFCO and also with a feeling of joy, borne out of taking a new career path in pursuing higher education, i.e., MBA for the next two years.

My association with IFFCO since December 2007 has been a great learning experience and I am grateful to the entire organization and in particular PAP Staff and Workmen for their unrelenting support and understanding extended to me.

I do affirm of providing all possible assistance in my capacity to ensure a smooth knowledge transition, in keeping with the high standards of IFFCO.

Finally, this is to request you to kindly initiate the exit process so that I might be relieved of my duties by 31st May 2009. I would like to thank one and all who have been a part of my IFFCO work life and would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to them.

Thanks & Regards,

Yours Truly,

Abhijith B

P No. 109231

Sr Engineer (Mech)

PAP Mechanical

Then in the morning I faced a lot of questions when i walked into my office. My office isn't the kind of office one would expect to get after a engineering degree. Its not the kind that one dreams of, not the greatest view, not the best of AC's, not the plushest of chairs. To cut the crap short i'll just put a pic of my office. Here it is:

A typical site office in a factory, but still not the norm, but a bit off colour. I walked in to see my boss, the chief manager sitting in the blue chair above and the shift engineer sitting in the black chair. Discussing about a breakdown that occurred in my section. I was then assigned the job taking making the pump ready by the evening and then i set about the task of finding what my technicians and workers were doing. Then i assigned various jobs to the people and went to the planning office which is more like an office with the AC, PC and cabins, files and stuff. There I took a print out of the letter I'd typed and marched into my Boss's office and gave it to him. He just glanced through it and was just reading and reading, not even asking me to sit. Well that's his usual style. He never asks me to sit when I go to his office. He quickly fires a lot of words and I scoot before he gets time to think what he said. This time he was just reading and reading. I remembered the words from my senior in the planning office who 1st saw the letter and told me to take a dictionary to my boss who's got a great vocabulary and is the best person when it comes to English, especially due to his Bimaru state background or his crude working culture which he learnt after working in a cement plant for 20 years.

Anyways he just kept on reading and then finally after 3 minutes and 21 seconds he asked me to come back after lunch and get it from him. I went out happily after the deed and then i was expecting to get a serious talk from either my boss, the paandi HOD i've, the GM Maintenance(who's the most vocal spokesperson of my company; about how great an organisation IFFCO is). But none of them seemed to bother that i was quitting my job. They just forwarded the letter to the next higher authority until it reached the Exec Director's table. He is on leave and I'm pretty sure he'd not care two hoots if i leave the company. For him I'm just a resource who planned to quit.

Truth is i feel bad that none of these people value my 18 month long stint in this place. It seems to me now that it was a wrong decision on my part to have taken up this job instead of the Wipro job I had. It is true that I loved some aspects of my job; like the good trips I had thanks to the job, the good times I had in the job, the bad days @ work.

But overall I hoped the people here cared for the work I did. This is the main reason I'm quitting my job, NOBODY appreciates the good things I do here. I feel leaving that my 18 month long work-life in the World's Largest Phosphoric Acid plant was a great experience.

Some snaps from my work life.

Overhauling a pump at 1 AM in the morning isn't something I loved to supervise.

That's SULPHURIC ACID flowing down the pipe, yeah the same H2SO4 you learnt about in school, only that it's 98% concentrated. Burnt a good shirt of mine once.

A gas cutting work under progress in a vessel. Was a fascination when I 1st saw these things.

The 1st thing you'll see when you visit Phos Acid Plant(PAP). It really is the world's largest and will be forever, coz no one's DUMB enough to make a single reactor plant with more than 2500 Metric Tonnes production per day. Mine's 2650 MT per day of 100% Phos acid.

This job will always have a special place in my heart, just like my 1st job. Hope the last month here will be a good time as well.

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The New Me........

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