Monday, March 23, 2009

Finally the long wait is over

Yes, the wait for getting into a prestigious institute for getting an MBA degree has culminated in my life with me securing admission to the MBA(International Business) course at Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT). The news came on 19th evening with the publishing of the list of selected students to the 2009-11 batch. I got in the list of students selected to the Delhi campus. I was in my room after coming back from work that day. My room mate was having night shift and was on the laptop doing what he does best(don't get me wrong, but he goes through financial news and chemical process updates; my guru in financial terms and funda's).

I had a feeling that the result would be out even though the IIFT official version was to wait till 20th. I came in and typed in the address and then changed. The site always was showing the GD/PI shortlist until then, but that fateful evening it showed something different. Something that looked so good to my eyes, but at the same time brought fear in my mind. Fear about the fact that, if i didn't make it, then i'll have to work for another year and i was sure i won't be able to prepare with the same fervour i had this time, thanks to my boss who's always on my @$$ to point out some mistake or the other. So with all those fears i downloaded both the lists, the one for the Delhi campus and for the Kolkata campus.

After downloading, i put in my name in the find bar, 1st time due to some error, my name didn't come up in the list and the search bar glowed RED. I was shattered; totally devastated and just got up and went to the balcony of my room, from where i get this wonderful view of the plant.

I know its not wonderful, but i was just standing there and was thinking what'll happen to my life in the coming year. At that time my roomie said the file's loaded fully and he could see my Name in the list. I jumped back into the room and confirmed with my own eyes that i'd got in. The list brought tears to my eyes. I called up my ex-girlfriend 1st and told her that the result is out, but i can't see it as the net connection here is too slow. But i guess she could understand from my happy tone that i made it. I called her up coz I'd promised that she'd be the 1st to know when the results are out. Next I jumped out of the bed and went to inform Debasis, my partner here for writing the mock cat's every Sunday morning. He was sleeping in his room, and was quite shaken, he was very happy that atleast one of us made out of this hell.

Then i called up my parents. My dad was home and he was very happy as well for me. But being the dad he is, he asked me if i was sure that i wanted to quit my so-called-well-paying job and go for this course. I said YES YES YES! I've had enough of this job, with a Chief Manager who's never satisfied with your work and constant maintenance issues in the plant. I had enough of the work already and i had even planned to quit the job after completing 2 years in it, and take up a lecturer's job in my home town if i hadn't made it to IIFT.

More about my MBA journey in another post. Till then let me just enjoy the glory :)


Abhilash Suryan said...

Hearty Congratulations :-)
Wishing you the very best for your next big step

Girl With Big Eyes said...

That's great. Congrats Abhi. Your post reminded me of 'my moment' 5 years ago!


thus success is yours.. to add to it, you r getting outta that place... very much happy n proud about you.. Congrats :)

mathew said...

Congratulations..and wishes for the next phase of your journey ..with pie charts, bar diagrams and presentations..:-D

Hari said...

Congrats bro!! Great that you achieved the spectacular feat, which you should've done sometime back with all your talent and skills. But better late than never...

Remember, only a minute fraction of the populace of India get to study in such institutes of high repute! Make the most of everything and make us all proud! All the very best!!

Hari said...

And, btw bro! Please remove my blog's link from your blogroll and add it again. :D There's some problem with the feed, which's not updating, that's why. :D

Hari Vishnu said...

heeeeey... chelavundallo chelavundallo chelavundallo chelavundallo chelavundallo .. ill keep on reminding u till u courier me one to singapore :)... and oh ya, chelavinu chodikkunnathinu mumpe.. CONGRATULATIONS !

I always used to see ur posts bitching about ur company and work and and wonder when and how u were planning to escape.. now it seems ur time has come.. after all.. every !@#$ has his day :D..

dont catch me.. i know ure too happy to mind that statement anyways..

Viajero said...

I am beginning to envy you bro :D

Congrats for this success :)
And as Hari virus said chellavundu...and before every celebration I call upon for the customary grand GPL ceremony of Hari ;-)

Lucky escape you got :) So when are you bidding TaTa from ur company?

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Abhilash Sir - Thanks a lot sir. It really means a lot to me when you said this.

@ GWBE - Thanks, i'd wished to write a lot lot more. But then i didn't wanna sound like a ungrateful Miss World contestant :P

@ Little Someone - Thanks. I'd never expected you to even read this. That's a welcome change.

@ Mathew - You forgot the assignments and the projects :). Thanks man!

@ Hari - Thanks da, you're among the few who always believed in me, even at times when i myself had lost that. Thanks a lot for that da. I've done as u said and ur blog's back to the list.

@ Hari Vishnu - Gimme ur address and i'll mail the chelav. Even though i've never met you, i'd always loved your comments. You've been a great reader. Thanks for that and everything else :). Pinne international MS research scholars oru peekiri MBA studentinod chelav chodikunna pathive TVM sidil illa. :)

@ Viajero - You're someone who's almost got a life like me in your job. Even though ur nt in maintenance, you'll know how relieved i am when i'll be handing in my papers on May 30th. After successful 18 months in service of the world's largest Phosphoric acid plant. Thanks man. We'll start th GPL for Hari when we get to see him. :D

silverine said...

Congratulations!!! This is indeed good news!!All the best for the course too! :)

I'm said...

Yes!! You made it!!
Congrats Abhi. I wish you the happiest and most exciting life ahead. May you succeed in all your ventures. :-)
Have fun!

manoranjini said...

Congrats on making it to one of the most prestigious instis in India!Do share the story and inspire the motely crowd of MBA aspirants with your success story .. all the best for everything pal!

Anonymous said...

awesome man! congrats machu :-)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Silverine - Thanks a lot!

@ Akhil - Thanks man, looking forward to meet you all soon.

@ Lakshmi - Thanks dear! Story sharing time is gonna come soon! Thanks for believing in me and poking on me to do better!

@ Anon - Thanks man! Hope i could know ur identity :)

Amal Bose said...

congrats man..
looking results from the net is indeed a frustrating one, especially when it has just been published and is slow in loading.. each extra second it takes adds to the tension..

Ramses said...

Hi! nice article! even I made it to IIFT, Delhi! Really excited!