Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life moves on..............

I've been away from the blog for a while, heck this seems to be the standard opening line for the past few posts of mine.

This time no dialogs, just letting the pics do the talking

I'm on a pan India tour thanks to my employer. We've been taken around Gujarat, UP and later on to Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai and Delhi. I've finished the Gujarat leg of my tour and done half of the UP tour and right now am sitting in the room of Jayram in IIM Lucknow and blogging this at 2 30 in the morning, while he's snoring next to me. :) The pics are in random order coz i didn't have a lot of time to fix them up.

India's Diverse Driving culture's. This one's from Ahmedabad :P

@ the Harvard Steps (that's what they're called if i rem right)

With the Mr Thampi in LKP in IIM A. Had a great time there coz of him

Striking a pose in front of the Louis Kahn Plaza @ IIM A.

Thampi explaining their midnight frisbee playground locations

Never stop posing for snaps. :D

"Those were the best days of my life - My IIM A Days :)"
Would love to say that :D

A view of the LKP taken by me in my Nokia 6500

I seriously didn't notice this board until the very end, else i'd never have taken these IIM A Pics :)

Thampi after the exhaustive dime tour of IIMA.

A kid Became Gandhi and welcomed us into Sabarmati Ashram when we went there on 2nd October

The Three Monkey's - Sabarmati Ashram again

The Charkha and writing pad that Mahatma Gandhi used

Gandhiji's Room

Gandhiji's eternal message

Maybe the head's bowed down due to the state of affairs in the country he freed

Evidepoyalum mallu restaurant kittum :P

This was a Jain Temple in Kutch Dist in Gujarat that we visited

Most common mode of transport in rural Gujarat. Called as Jhakada :D

The long road ahead............

This is a letter written to Indira Gandhi by Nehru, saw on my visit to Anand Bhavan in Allahabad

Calmly flows the Ganga on a dew filled morning

A Hanuman Temple that we visited en route banaras

The temple inside the BHU Campus. It was a magnificent spiritual experience

In front of the Anand bhavan

A peek inside the extensive Nehru personal library @ Anand Bhavan

Me @ the Triveni Sangam in Allahabad

The Golden Buddha @ Sarnath

Errr. Call it what you can :D, just a snap during the training


Hari S R said...

nice pics abhi.. thanx a lot for sharing

Hari said...


I didn't expect this when you said you posted. :-)

Thanks for giving me a first hand photo account of IIM-A.

Awesome pics, bro! :) Do write an account about your trip soon. Dying to read through it. :D

Hari said...

And, your phone rocks! Period. :)

mathew said...

that is some extensive touring..i have never been these parts of the country!:-(

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Hari S R- Thanks man :)

@ Hari- i'll try to come up with the travel account asap i get to a system. The pics were uploaded so fast coz of the ultra quick internet in IIM L. I'd like to see ur bald head in the profile pics as well, nt the normal one :)

@ Mathew- For some things i'd never ask you or for that matter anyone to visit this part of India. This visit showed me that there's a good part of our country that doesn't see development other than on tv. It's hell to travel on the roads coz they all are filled with boulders and big holes in front of which every road in south india is like Hema Malini's cheek, to quote Mr Lalu Prasad. But the people still are in the rich cultural heritage that makes India special. I'd write about it later.

Abhilash Suryan said...

Great that you get to feel the pulse of the real India at a young age. Might help you in grasping the ground realities unlike most of your city groomed peers :-)

So what remains to be covered now? The North East and Kashmir?

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Liked the Gandhiji pics.
Missed Akshardham?

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Abhilash Sir - I'm getting to realise it quite fast now. It's like a cultural shock. Hard to believe that it's India that i'm touring. Feels like i'm coming from a different country and visiting a third world country. I'll try to cover the remaining parts when i'm free later :)

@ GWBE - I did visit the Akshardham temple. But the security there is soo tight after the attack that they don't allow any metallic substance, not even belts :). It was a great experience too. I saw the film show and the temple too. I'd write when i get time with all the details

manoranjini said...

U seem to have had one heck of a time ! :-) awesome pics , again ! hats off to that mobile of yours ;-)
Thanks for the PanIndia photo tour , Happy Diwali in advance !

Hari Vishnu said...

wow great... excellent picture walkthru man.. the pics did the talking for u.. really envious of all that ur gettin to see.. i wanted to go on a north india tour n see off this stuff too.. the triveni sangamam.. gandhis origins.. sabarmati ashram.. the ganges..etc etc..

Sreehari H said...

IIM-A, BHU wow Great!!!!!! I would like to have such a tour.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Manoranjini- This is the only part of my job that i love, other than the 8 hour shifts. Get th mobile asap :)

@ Hari- Do take that visit if you get a chance, it's a 1000 times better than any world trip wor might've done

@ Srihari- Add IIM L to that list too. I'll be visiting IIM C this week and next month IIT Bombay and IIT Delhi. Will keep the pics coming, just be back in the regular readers list :)