Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Onam 2008

Onam 2008 was the best Onam of my life. Period!

I'd never had a onam like this for a long long long time. Only when i was a kid did i get to enjoy the onam like this. You're always special when you visit home after living outside for a few months. Maybe it's because the people think you're a GUEST and behave nicely to please you, or maybe some genuinely missed me being around. But whatever it maybe i really loved this break away from my monotonous work life.

I'd not really planned to come home for onam. But then my company was sending all new trainee engineers on a pan India trip in september-october and hence i'd to use all my spare leaves or else they'd lapse and go away free. So i thought of surprising my parents and freinds. But then cash shortage made me ask money from dad for the tickets, so that surprise was done with. Then i'd tried to hide my visit from my girlfriend and had hoped to surprise her. Again failed miserably. She seems to read my mind and i couldn't help but confess. :)

Then i didn't hide this fact and posted on our college batch community. Then the posts that followed were really NICE.

So coming to the point. Why i liked this onam was the fact that i spent more time with my family than with friends and i LOVED it. Usually i hated spending time with my family, especially on vacations. Almost all my breaks used to be spent with friends @ Kovalam or veli or some place like that, but miles away from home. Now being away from home has made me miss home and my family a lot and hence this time i was determined to give them some quality time. I loved it.
Spending time with friends also was fun, but this time everyone had time only to discuss their tight work schedules, bad bosses and horrible working hours :). Then the usual vayinottam @ Kanakakunnu palace grounds in the name of Onaghosha paripaadikal :). Went to Uni-Y for a great onam programme. This time i knew a lot less people than before, but then it was fun. Sheer fun.

Then the major thing i loved about this trip home is getting to meet my love. I'd missed her a lot and seems she also did so. I'd hoped to spend 2-3 days at the max with her, but then we made up for the lost 4 months with 4 meets in 8 days :D. That was totally awesome for me. She did manage to surprise me with a gift - A shirt. It seems she's good at picking nice shirts. She'd given me a shirt when i'd first joined for this job, but this time she'd the help of another common friend, and they both managed to WOW me with their selection.

Now i'm at the Chennai Central railway station while posting this, waiting for my connecting train to Cuttack and then back to hell. :) This might be my last onam spent with my family, or maybe the first in the series of onam's @ home. Only god knows.

Some snaps from my visit home.

This is where i started from

Catching a train. But where are the bogies?

A Kerala landscape pic on my way home.

Uni-Yans posin for Snaps - I relived my Uni-Y days once again.

Posing alongside the newbies @ Uni-Y

A kodak moment- Winning the Vadamvali @ Uni-Y

Onaghosham @ Kanakakunnu. Had a great time there.

With the Kalip pose-Atop the Lighthouse @ Kovalam

" Kovalam" or what's left of it

Had this snap taken @ Kovalam. Never seen foriegn kids playing on Indian soil like this :)

Trainil vere pani onnum illathathu kondu engene okke samayam kalanju

Before the theeta malsaram with friends :)

After the Theeta malsaram :)

Ona sadya was great @ home. Mom you're the best :D


Hari said...

It felt real good to see you back! We had a nice time, didn't we? :D

Feels real sad that you're leaving so fast! :-(

Awesome pics too!

(Detailed comment coming soon...)

Abhilash Suryan said...

@Vadamvali- ithrempere ottaykku tholppichchu alle?

Abhilash Suryan said...

ente kashtakalaththinu aa college batch community link onnu click cheythu poyi!!!!
ippolum marittilla thalaperuppam!!!

Onaththinidayil thanne venamayirunno ee prayogams!!!

Do you really think that all the people who read this will be interested in being guided into such "samskarashoonyamaya sambhashangal"!!!!

That link is stinking!!!

Hari said...

LOL @ Abhilash sir! :D

Well bro, you have a point about enjoying Onam more when you're away from Kerala. This time, the homesickness thingy made you miss Kerala and your parents a LOT. I guess that's why you enjoyed more this time!

Nevertheless, Some things are better left unsaid! :D

Girl With Big Eyes said...

Sadya looks awesome!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@Hari- I sure did have a gr8 time with u n all my other friends. :) wish i cd've spent more time with all.

@ Abhilash sir- It wasn't me alone on one side. If u notice closely you'll see me also among the ppl jumping up n down. Reg th link, i've removed it. Didn't thnk ppl like you will be th first visitors to th blog. Still i apologise for the thalaperukam :). Hope you've taken it in a jovial way. :d

@ GWBE - The sadya was really awesome. In looks and in taste:)

Aparna Mohan said...

your onam sounds gr8!n it was good to have you around for the onam celebration..but one big come there s no snap of your ela??:P..

Abhilash Suryan said...

much better now.....iniyengilum onaththinu pookkalam idumbol corpse flowers ozhivakkanam :-)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Aparna - I'd the ela pic in my orkut album. Blogil koodi ath ittu aalkaare pedipikenda ennu karuthi :)

@ Abhilash sir - Will take care of it the next time :)

Hillbilly said...

Seemz u r fightin a losin battle against da bulge.....!!:p
Food still manages to retain it's hypnotic effect on you eh...??:D

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Hillybilly - Thanne da thanne. I promise tht you'll see a different person the next time you meet me. Pinne bulge onnum kanathe irikaan aan Kovalam background aayitu photo eduthathu, ennalum aalkar ente bodyil ninum kannu edukilla ennu vechal enthu cheyyana :)

mathew said...

you could have avoided that last snap!!:-(

well anways nice to know that you had a great time.

manoranjini said...

gr8 post abhi , and gr8 to know about ur wondeful onam this year !!
more importantly , 'what cool pics!!!'really loved those pics , my favorite being the foreign kids one .that was awesome .. :-)
seriously , what camera is that??

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@Mathew - Hope you too had a gr8 Onam and an even greater feast :)

@Lakshmi - I did really enjoy the Onam. And for the info of all concerned, the pics were taken from my Nokia 6500 slider phone with it's 3.2 mp carl zeiss lens :)

silverine said...

What a beautiful post!! Loved reading it!!

Girl With Big Eyes said...

A tag for you!

Hari Vishnu said...

that was a special onam for wasnt it? cool u get to remember such days for the rest of ur lives..

my onams are spent in the thrikkakara temple which is supposedly the centre of onam (in the world).. theres a 10-day festival there, with all sorts of activities and traditional arts etc.. really missin that now.. but then during onam in singapore i did get 2 sadyas here :-)