Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Missing something???

I'd just this much to say when a friend asked me about my life and work.

Well life pattinakki ennum vene parayam, or i can say i'm doing gr8. First coz th place is a gudaam. No entertainment, getting used to it now. Food was horrible, now used to it. Factory is polluted like anything, bt again got used to it. Now i can say gr8 coz; the salary is good n i've nothin much to spend here as acco is free n food being crap is cheap. Work is in my field, not is an ac room for someone i'll never see, instead i work in a hot factory so that some farmer gets his fertiliser on time n gives a good crop so that we'll all eat n live too see another sunrise.

I guess u got the point.

I don't exactly miss Kerala, though i do at times when i see Trivandrum city in Asianet here. But what i really miss is the carefree life i had in college, i miss being @ home eating good food from mom's hand's. I miss going out with my sister, i miss holding the hand of someone close to my heart, i miss the quarrels with my dad. I miss the days when i stayed up till 2 am to switch on the download, i miss long phonecalls with classmates, i miss goin for quizzes, i miss watching ur class gals n th other good one's in college(i really miss tht, coz my firm doesn't employ gals, unless it's for making tea or for cleaning the floor). What i miss most is the open bypass from Veli to Kovalam and my bike on full throttle.

Ha, Wish i could rewind n play again my college life.

I really wish!


Hari said...

Don't worry bro... Try hard and get into an IIM/get a Mech job in town. That way, you won't miss Kerala (and someone who's close to you :P)

You might think what I'm about to say now is 'thallu'. But I can feel your pain resonate in every single word! Coz I too do the same thing in my blog. :D

Miss you too bro! Hope to see you soon!

And, keep blogging REGULARLY!

Abhijith said...

Great post man !! Now that I too have got into a job , I can relate to u partly . Really miss d carefree life in coll .
Reg girls , my situ is same as urs . Only thing is I can see girls but then they r my students and a good tchr is not supposed to vaayinokkify his students. Enth cheyyum ???

Hope to see you soon man !!
And I believe U've sent d CAT form n applied fr IIFT.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@Hari-I'm trying my best to keep my cool @ work, but at times it doesn't work that well. Also i'm trying my real best to be regular in the blogosphere. As Abhijith said, u will relate to this the way i meant only once u leave college.

@Abhijith-Had heard that u've taken my route n are teaching. God teacher matram alla, a teacher who doesn't wanna get beaten by his students will not take the trust the guys in the class have on u as granted. I've already sent both the forms. Now waiting for xat n jmet forms. Thinking if i shd go for mdi too or not. All the best in ur teaching line n pursuit of MBA. :)

Hari Vishnu said...

hehe.. lifes like that, isnt it?..

to quote morgan freeman in shawshank redemption (and mind u, hes referring to a prison !)

"These walls are funny. First you hate them, then you get used to them. Enough time passes, it gets so you depend on them. That's institutionalized." -Red

well we may not be institutionalised in the real sense, but all the same we get used to our place a lot that sometimes at home we begin to miss even the imperfections of our previous 'institution'..

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@Hari Vishnu- Very well said dude. I'm really like Red in Shawshank, just waiting for my Andy Dufrene to show up and tell me how to escape from this place. It's a cruel world, which takes away someone when you need them the most. Or some other times, when people whom you didn't like that much are the one's whom you remember the most when you think about your past. I don't know why i'm like this, but i hate the fact that i'm not with my loved one's.

Viajero said...

Hey bro me too in the same state sterlite@tuticorin....but the only diffrnc is that currently I am enjoying in the AC

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Viajero- Lucky you!

@nuP said...

After i read your post, it was like.. not just missing 'something', missing a lot in fact. Im sure you have just mentioned a very few of your 'missing somethings', but as hari said, get into an IIM and the rest, you know..All the best to you..

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@anup - Thanks

Raouf said...

I am a CET guy who's originally from Kannur.I don't know if you remember , but we chatted once, when I came here first and was finding it hard to accept that college life was not what I dreamed of. You did give me some sound advice and insight :P and I must say, I am finding it better now.

Your post felt good and that's exactly how I want to feel, 3 years from now on. Even though it might pain me then, the thought of me missing the college life, makes me want to enjoy it even more while it's on!!!

Cheers. :)

itzme said...

I can already imagine how it'd be to leave college..the thought really scares me though i'm only in my 3rd year now:)..gr8 post..straight from the heart:)
And hey, all the best for CAT:)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@Raouf- I rem you very well. Sad that i can't keep in touch with you coz of my screwed up job environment. Nice to know that my advice helped. I'm telling you, no period in life will be even close to the enjoyment you get when you're in college. Maybe if you marry someone who love, then you might enjoy more. :)

@Someone-about-whom-i've-heard-a-lot-but-never-met: I've just the same to tell you what i've said above. Thanks for the wishes. Just hope i live upto these wishes:)

Girl With Big Eyes said...


But just imagine when you are 10 years older than now you are gonna miss 'that job' too!