Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tagged, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This seems to be the month for tag's. Here's another tag, that i got while i was writing my previous one. This was gifted to me by Hari Vishnu and i returned the favour by givin my previous tag to him. This looked a bit easy at first, coz it wasn't that much to think about. I felt i'd do it in a day and that's what i did :). So without much delay the tag; it's about listing 8 items about various topics. So here goes :

Eight things I am passionate about:
1) My Family : My Dad, Mom and sister and i'd like to add one more person to this family very shortly. Err, about 3-4 years to be precise; if we don't experience many probs. If you've read my previous post u'll know the kind of probs i'm talking about.
2) My friends : They come next in the list, though most times they're the one's who help me out with various problems. Since i'm not yet officially married to the person i love; she'd also come in this list and she's among the most helpful friends i have. But then at times it's the other way round too meaning, she's the reason for the troubles :).
3) My rides : It'd be better to say i WAS very very very passionate about my rides. I still love to drive whenever some senior gets too helpful and does the favour of giving me his bike in the hostel here. I'm always a Biker and even though driving a car is fun i still love my Bike.
4) Books : This is my current passion, mainly coz i'm deprived of the pleasures of having a computer or a laptop. So i do spend a lot of time in the world of books. Have a huge list of authors and i usually enjoy reading thrillers. When i'm in the mood for it i enjoy some serious literature as well.
5) Quizzing : Though i feel i'm getting worse at this day by day, i still am very passionate about my quizzing. I still love to relive those moments when i was in college and won a few quizzes(very few thanks to better teams).
6) Multimedia: I'd like to copy this from Hari. He used this word and i'd say i too couldn't find a better word which brings together internet, music, movies and video. These are great passions of mine. I enjoy the time i spend watching movies and anyone who's come to my home or seen my collection of movies and songs would testify for that.
7) Food : Though this comes at the bottom of the list, it doesn't mean i don't give it sufficient weight. I'm among those who live to eat, rather than eat to live. Anyone who's seen me would surely agree to that :)
8) Blogging : Even though i'm not giving it as much time as i used to, i still would say that i'm very very passionate about my blogging. My friends at work would vouch for that, coz they know how much time i steal from them to use the computer for my blog. I'm not writing this to earn praise of sympathy, but i feel sad that i don't do justice to my blog nowadays.

Eight things I want to do before I die:
Well lot of things:
1) Be able to be there when my wife gives birth to our children.
2) Start a firm of my own and be a good employer.
3) Be able to fit into a size L t-shirt. That's a wish i'd love to make come true.
4) Have a Hayabusa, Ferrari and a Rolls Royce Phantom in my garage.
5) Fly a fighter plane and if possible gun down a few people from my last post.( i know it'd take someone like Ratan Tata to do so :), but then its a dream list)
6) Goto the Swiss Alps, Caribbean and Hawaii for my honeymoon and extended honeymoons.
7) Become a writer of repute and be able to live off my royalties :); now that's definitely a dream.
8) Earn a noble prize in Physics, Literature and Peace respectively, thereby being the 1st person to do so :)

Eight things I say often:
1) M***e
3)Oh F***
4)Naaaaaaariiiiiiiiiii(when i'm addressing a very close friend
5)Harami(New title for close friends in hostel)
6)MC, BC( for closer friends in hostel)
7)Sorry(yeah i say that a LOT)
8)Love you(only to one person)

Eight books I’ve read recently:
1) Catcher in the Rye
2) The Godfather
3) The Prophet
4) All quiet on the Western Front
5) Wheels
6) Atlas Shrugged
7) Love in the time of Cholera
8) The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Eight songs I could listen to, over and over:
1) Hotel California - Eagles
2) Nothing Else Matters - Metallica
3) Yaaron Dosti - KK
4) Kadhal Rojave - SPB
5) Aadat - Jal
6) Tum Se Hi - Mohit Chauhan
7) Devasabhatalam - Yesudas
8) Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden

Eight things that attracts me to my best friends:

1) That i'm a good problem solver.
2) They find someone who won't beat them down when they make fun of me
3) They will get free rides on my bike and car
4) They would get sound advice on anything under the sun.
5) They would get a patient listener.
6) They would have someone who'd be there anytime they want, any place they want.
7) I love them for whatever they maybe, even if they turn to be backstabbers.
8) We bitch about people whom we hate, and i am VERY good at that.

Eight people I think should do this tag:

1) Hari
2) Abhijith
3) Njaan
4) Freebird
5) Renji
6) Sreehari
8) Rohin

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hatred and Me????????????????????

After a long loooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggggg gap i'm tagged by someone. :). I'm quite happy because that gives me something to write in this blog other than the misfortunes happening to me! What could i say, even though i was happy to accept the tag from Mr Njaan(What a funny name, isn't it?), i won't say that its a happy tag. It basically is about:

(1) Posting about 5 different characters you hate.
(2) Passing on the tags to 5 different bloggers.
So without much yapping about how much i hate to tell the public about my objects of hatred, i'll start:
1) Phonies: They are right on top of my list because these are the kind of people who don't deserve a life from my point of view. They don't live for themselves, they live to make others belive that they are SOMETHING IMPORTANT. I used something with the understanding that they are what we say in malayalam as SAMBHAVAM. They tend to believe that the world revolves around them and they are the best thing to happen to the world after cell phones. They are of many kinds, guys who behave differently when a hot chick walks in, Managers who don't work and then show up on the site with all kind of instructions when the top management appears to inspect the job, people who ditch you when u need them the most, people who take advantage of you for wrong reasons, even people who show off their costly spare parts in front of a not so welcoming audience and enjoy that glory and so on and on..........

2) Reality Show Anchors and Judges: I differ a bit on this with Njaan, he hated everything associated with it, while i believe that some of the participants are genuinely talented, but the anchors are really really crap and so are most of the judges. Some are outrightly stupid and will give anything to make the audience cry, while some are so rude that they want me shove a spade up ther @$$.

3) Gossipmongers : People who spend their lifetime making false newsreports about others and take pleasure in making others' lives miserable. They could be saying anything from who someone is going out with or even may go upto who somebody slept with the previous night.

4) Perverts : These are guys who take pleasure in doing abnormal things, like Mr Moninder Singh who love to do things that one wouldn't even wish that his enemy got. These people have no right to live in this world, if i were the ruler of the country, i'd lynch them personally and then hang them on a noose so that nobody dares to do this.

5) Casteists/Religious Fanatics : People who bother so much about the caste and religion so much so that they'd kill for it. I'm personally against anything to do with caste/religion. This maybe due to the fact that i've had a few crushes broken because the girl wasn't from my caste/religion. YES, Indian GIRLS do think about all this while falling in love(at least gals in TVM do). I've had numerous proposals being dumped by the girl because i was from a different religion or caste. These things are way too old and way too stupid to be observed now. Maybe for some religion is a good thing, it gives them direction and maybe means of living, but then nobody has the right to take lives in the name of religion. This is what i belive and personally i hate people who propogate such kind of thoughts , even if it is my ex-girlfriend.(I'd hate her more for other reasons)
I've been postponing the publishing of this post for a long long time, mainly because i didn't find enough in my head to fill the post with. Yeah, maybe my work has made me hate less or maybe that i'm too unattached from anyone i hated a few years back :)
I don't know whom i should tag in this, coz many people whom i blogroll have already done this tag, or are tagged by others. Still i'll tag some:

1) Hari Vishnu : Coz he gave me another TAG while i couldn't complete this :)
2) Viajero : Someone who's new among my readers, so here's a welcome gift :)
3) Abhilash Sir : I'd love to hear about his list of hatred :)
4) Gasmuttai : An adorable senior, who seems to have forgotten about his blog, so be a reason to start off again.
5) Sreehari : He too seems to have forgotten his blog, maybe the s8 exams are making his so.

That's it for now!