Saturday, October 13, 2007

My First Job

Some people get an education that prepares them to be a captain of industry, or that sends them out to do important scientific work to cure world hunger or horrible disease. But my education hadn’t done any of these. I graduated from Govt Engg College, Bartonhill(GECB) in 2007 and am proud to say that I spent four years of my life here. I still remember the day I joined my B.Tech. It was 27th of August 2003. I can still remember the words “Enter @ your own risk” scrawled across the door as we stepped into what was going to be our home away from home for four years. Four years of one’s life, a period where one becomes a man, where one earns his 1st job.

First job, it has got a sweet sound, doesn’t it? My 1st job interview was for Wipro. My luck favoured me when I cleared that and technically it is my 1st job. But the 1st time I’ve been working was when I stepped into GECB again on 18th September, 2007. It was something that I’d never planned for, something that I’d never expected myself to put up with. But there I was, waiting outside the HOD’s room to join the elite list of enlightened people whom we call Teachers. It’s a great feeling when you walk into a classroom and have a set of 120 eyes staring at you with anticipation. I had never thought that I’ll be teaching, and even when a friend called me to join up, I had refused saying that I’m unsure of myself, how will I teach a bunch of students who’ve set their expectations on me?

But then something's are beyond one’s control and so I joined up and found myself sharing desk space with some of MY teachers! Till that day I could come to college anytime and sit on the steps leading to the EC labs or the drawing hall. But now I’m a teacher, someone who’s respected. I do miss those days when I could roam around the college, when I used to cut classes and share a laugh with my pals or jostle for space in the chairs at the canteen.

All those are sweet memories and are etched in my mind. Thinking now, being a teacher is an opportunity that I didn’t want to miss, especially when it’s in an institution that made you what you are. Now when I see guys and gals talking or doing things that I did with my friends I feel so jealous! I wish I could do it again, wish I could turn back time and be a student again! For those who’re cursing their days at college, you don’t know what you’re going to miss once you are out of this compound.

I’m someone who wanted to join the corporate world. Where I wanted to set a distinct mark, and I had thought that teaching is one job which doesn’t give you the challenging environment where one can find the excitement and the adventure of a corporate job. I’ve had many friends who’ve joined software majors and most of them, except a lucky few, have got numerous bad experiences to tell. There’s even a guy who quit his job and told that it’s a dog-eat-dog world and all we’ll ever achieve is the hatred and evil stares of our peers due to the rat-races going on to gain a upper hand in evaluations and projects. It’s a blank life for some, with no entertainment and no enthusiasm. All we’ve to do is code a programme that someone might use in some other corner of the world and we don’t know who actually benefits from what we do.

All one is bothered about are the looming deadlines and bad bosses! For another friend it’s an aimless world where they say we’ll end up earning this number at the end of the month, but don’t know what to do with the money that’s cashed into the account each month. For the companies it’s a cheap labour force which they use and abuse to their best of abilities. One guy went on to say how sweet the grass looked on the other side when the HR people came with their presentations and now the world looks worse than the Sahara desert. People are yelled at, made to clear high cut-off’s in training tests and finally they say the effort isn’t just paying enough!

These words aren’t supposed to be demoralising to my juniors who’re looking forward to work under the Premji’s and Narayanamoorthy’s who’ve brought prosperity to our poor nation. But it is just a word of caution for those who really don’t know why they took up a software job. For them it’ll be the most boring job in the entire world. Teaching too has its share of boring moments. It is really plain boring to sit in a class with 20-30 students writing page after page of exam questions. I had suffered that boredom for three straight days and frankly that was the only time I thought this is a boring job. Other times I’ve had chances to learn things afresh, sometimes entire new concepts which I had skipped when I had learnt the same subject a few years back.

Now having said all this, I’ll soon be joining the rat-race myself. Not because am a daring person who would want to taste the dangers out there in spite of the warnings, but because I believe in the line from Forrest Gump "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." But in my heart of hearts if I ever get a chance to come back to these classes again as a teacher, I would give up anything for that offer. As Don Corleone says in Godfather “It is an offer that no man can refuse”. But then it is upon time to tell, because once again in Don’s words “Each man has his own destiny.”

Some things are better left unsaid…………


manoranjini said...

hey that was an enlightening post on the teaching job.i am sure you had a great time being one!!
to add one more movie quote,
"life is all about one thing.what that one thing is,u need to find out on your own!"
i hope the rat race too has lessons on life for all of us waiting to join up..btw,have you received your DOJ yet?:-)

NEORADKRIS V1.0 said...

Hard to imagine you teaching. Hope you didnt take any attendance

Hari said...

I was waiting intently for this post... However, to be frank, I was rather disappointed. I expected a hilarious post detailing your rendezvous with the students languishing in those decade-old benches, that you too had sat in long time back...

Anyways, you've got a point there! Personally speaking, I've never thought there was 'glamour' (for want of a better word) in the teaching profession. However, indeed, a person who bestows knowledge to bunch of (begrudged) students is a God in his own right. And, it's certainly better than the plain vanilla number-crunching one gets to do in an IT/ITES job, though the rewards are low...

P.S. My 'sources' say that you're an 'adept' teacher! Is it? ;-)

vishnu said...

hmmm.....quite interestin article....esp bcos it has been written by one of the few seniors shortlisted by us as one among us...its like i could visualise your first day and see mine at the same time...and was trying to place me in ur place at every point....i was of the opinion that teaching profession is the most thrilling job u can dream of.....maybe because of the lack of intrest to software field....u have added to my intrest towards the the lighter side...he was the first senior i met and was pretty happy at that time that i did....because soon we were good company.....and i was protected in his shade(he s a big man...hi hi)without notice...he used to be called p*nni in those days by all....but we,as junis never dared to....instead added the usual tag 'cheta' with his name...(its actually the longer 'e')now,he is one among the 'elite lot' as mentioned...and its actually us who r confused what to call with tag or the p-word.....or SIR...with respect.....he has changed a bit....from the old 'typical mech'(i mean typical in all respects...)in ways more than one...a more serious look has replaced the smile..the tone has changed(with more wieght added to it)and the phrases too....from "angerodu povaan para" to "ninne pinne edutholaam".....he is not teachin us at hope i am safe for a few days.....hi hi

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Manoranjini-Its a 1se in a life experience and i am glad i accepted this offer, even though @ 1st it was just to spend time! And no luck with th DOJ till date!

@Rads-Mone njan saar aayal decent aakum! Aaaye pattu!

@Hari-Oh thanks for the expectations! But then i didn't want to make this funny, even though it has its share of laughs, its a serious matter for me! I hope ur sources are authentic and not after sessional marks!

@Vishnu-Thanks for th gr8 honour of considering me as "One of the few seniors shortlisted by us as one among us". Its the best reward a senior can get! Pinne, regarding the added WEIGHT! I feel it was there always!

Bhavu said...

Nice post daaa....
Good presentation of the difference of old and new college life!!!

Hope u and ur students are enjoying ur teaching !

krish said...

good post with ur wonderful experiences as a teacher. i was also waiting for such a post like hari.

teaching has thrilled me too. i just hope i too get a chance like u did, in my future.

it feels nice to know my friend became a part of the "elite few" who are respected in college. you were always a good teacher to me. Thanks to u, u made me pass BME in the second shot :)

wishing u luck ahead.

monsooner said...

"For those who’re cursing their days at college, you don’t know what you’re going to miss once you are out of this compound."

Guess that was about me :D

Ah, ... and about life being a box of chocolates, I'm waiting for a new box at every other door. Just a matter of minutes, before I bring the door down >:)

Live it up! Enjoy your new turn, I'm sure you're!!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@Bhavu-Thanks da!

@Krish-Thanks again for the wonderful wishes! I hope u've an awesome time @ Infy!

@Monsooner-I never had thought that Engg was ur pie. Frm th day i met, u were more of a Thinker, philosopher type, rather than th pragmatic engg[:D].

monsooner said...

Aiyyo! :D

arpana said...

always wanted to be in the academia, but the lure of the mammon has been too much for me I guess.

Someday. I shall too write the way you have written - from my experience. :)

Hari said...

Hehe.. That was ur way of giving back somethings to the AlmaMater that gave u an identity in this world.. Teaching is one of the most Noble jobs tht r there and there are still yung minds which yearn to teach.. The post was strt frm the heart.. The art where u compared the Teacher's life and tht of a student in the same college was somethin really good!! A seious post.. And heard tht u r a fine teacher... Keep rocking mate.. For the last 30 od days in teaching!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Aparna-Hope u do get a chance to teach and the write and i'll b the 1st to comment on that post :)

@ Hari-Good to knw tht u liked th post. Atrekkum enne ni desp aakathe. I was starting to love this job. :)

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I am also still remembered the day I joined B.E. Golden memories in my life. I can't forget those days. Now Your post remembering the wonderful moments. Thanks for sharing.

Boyd J said...

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