Friday, September 14, 2007

It's all about money, honey!

Tonight i got a shocking news when i was waiting for the India-Scotland T20 match to begin. The sms was from a friend and it went like this
"McLaren fined, stripped of constructors’ points"

Then came the long msg about how McLaren had cheated Ferrari and it was just because of Ferrari's technology which was brought into McLaren; that Alonso and Hamilton had been winning race after race. By now you all would have got the idea that the friend was a Tifosi.

I switched over to the news channels and was shocked to see that a record amount of $100 Million has been fined by the WMSC along with stripping McLaren off all the points in the 2007 constructors championship. The 1st thing that came to my mind was "God, now anyone can win his way through and do anything if he has the money". Yeah, that's really what came to my mind. For me the sport of Formula 1 was something that had all the excitement and adventure i enjoyed, especially since i loved driving and also was in a branch of study that involved development of these machines. I loved the flashbulb moments of pit-lane overtaking and champagne being sprayed on the fans by the winners. But all that changed with this single judgement.

For me the sport of Formula one was laid to rest today, thanks to the JUDGEMENT by the WMSC. I am not a big McLaren fan, but i like the team because they came up from struggling to finish all the races last season to leading the championship table this year. Maybe their cause was helped by the fact that they had the world champion in their side; but nowhere else will one see a rookie achieve so much even while competing against the world champion in his team.

I was shocked at the judgement because it clearly proved that when it comes to the matters of power, the team with money(read Ferrari) reigns supreme. They have an awesome record and its good when they defend their worth on the track. The dirty policy of hitting the opponent in the back doesn't suit a WORLD CHAMPION team like Ferrari. I am so frustrated because, immediately after the announcement(within minutes) that McLaren was fined, Ferrari came out with a statement saying:

“Ferrari is satisfied that the truth has now emerged”

As if they have never twisted the rules and have been the upholders of truth all their life. All still remember the 2002 Austrain GP and the 2005 US GP.

After this i was about to switch back to ESPN to check on the status of the India match, when another news in the ticker caught my eye. The BCCI has come out with their answer to the fledgling Indian Cricket League (ICL) and they call if as Indian Premier League (IPL). They are launching their own T20 league with a whopping prize money of $ 5 Million(yeah its 5 not 1 or 2). With this the BCCI plans to launch its own version of a premier league on the lines of the EPL with all features like player transfers and sponsor stadiums.The IPL will aim at mobilising corporate participation, wherein an entrepreneur will own a local cricket team. He could, in turn, buy and sell players in true EPL fashion.

With this they plan to shut down the ICL which was supposed to rope in players coz of the big bucks involved. Many domestic players switched sides because the BCCI paid them peanuts when compared to the money involved in the ODI's and Tests. This is indeed a good move, but then now the question is: League launched, but can BCCI deliver? Agreed that BCCI has taken some rapid steps after ICL's lanch and launched their own IPL. Also they have blessings of ICC and support from all the other boards. But now lies the next challenge; they have to deliver a high quality product that they have promised.

The news had another surprise when it named Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri to be part of IPL's governing council. This will bring some nice moments in news channels in coming days as Kapil Dev is heading the ICL and brings the greats in the sport on a one-on-one battle. To add another flavour Gavaskar's son, Rohan, only a few days ago signed up to play for ICL.

All these things just make me feel "It's all about money, honey!"


manoranjini said...

thought-provoking reminded me of the betting scandal in Indian cricket years ago..i remember myself to be just as frustrated then,and abandoned watching cricket for a long time it hurts when heroes fall..! :(

Hari S R said...

sad day this....i was a great fan of mclaren and F1....dont know if i will ever be able to watch the sport for pure fun.... :(

Aparna said...

"am not a big McLaren fan, but i like the team because they came up from struggling to finish all the races last season to leading the championship table this year."
really? i thot u were a die hard fan of Alonso!

sad that such a thing happened in F1 sport. it'll take some time for the black mark to get off.

Blesson Varghese said...

Buddy I read it.... Can't comment on it...

It sounds Greek and Latin to me. I am not a Formula 1 one freak neither into bikes and cars. I thought Ferrari was a toy car and recently heard that to be Laptop brand from Acer. McLaren sounds like one of my Managers name. Sorry for that childish comment.

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Manoranjini-It really hurts when heroes fall, esp for no fault of their own!

Hari,Aparna-Really sad, am in this with u!

Blesson-You are missing a big piece of action in the world of sports if you don't know this! Its like not knowing what Windows is.

Abhay said...

i felt gr8 when i saw mclaren rising from the dumps to the top this season(though i'm a total ferrari fan). but this one incident leaves such a bitter taste in the mouth ! now everything they've accomplished this season is tainted/doubted. and it also reiterates a rather disturbing message - justice lies in the pockets of the rich !