Tuesday, August 14, 2007

India Shining

Since its India's 60th Bday tmrw i thought i'd come up with a compilation of pics to show various aspects of our nation in the past year

A great man's tenure ended, and what a way to end it!

Mumbai was underwater, AGAIN!

Bush-Manmohan talks! God knows what they actually did

A new pulsar was on the roads(Wow, sexy isn't it!)

Sanju baba got a seat in Yerwada Jail

Demolitions in overdrive

Poor farmers can't even have the right to cultivate their fields now!

Another Quota war, but this time FOR the quota

Big B came up with more surprising roles

This dude starts acting too!

Holy cow, what am i seeing!

This is enough! Makes me happy and sad at the same time!


vivek7031 said...

good work man
i also feel the same proud and ashamed about Our country INDIA

Any way this country is gonna go a long way that is for sure


Abhijith said...

Good post !!!

Though I feel ashamed about the current situation of the country at times , there are many factors which I feel proud about .
India is surely gonna change for the better and the change has started ...

krish said...

good work with the right pictures! sometimes pictures speak more than words! hey are u sure that it's a cow in that pic! [:P]

India has a long way ahead to materialize the vision Dr. APJ has given to the youth. Hope that Indian youth will work hard to create a well-developed India in all aspects.

Hari S R said...

i refuse to despise india anymore . we have our vices ....but so do others city's full of skyscrapers and everyone driving around in cars like some kid's game doesnt reflect progress of mankind .
progress of what ? what have we achieved in the past 200 years by our "civilization" unless its something that can churn out money or gives bidding power .

my point : India is indeed a lot better by being a traditional village india . inspite of being corrupted to the root , divided , religion-frenzied and quite un-naturally passionate we do get along , dont we ? thats why i like india .

manoranjini said...

@hari,cheers oye!spoken like a true puttar of the soil!!
@abhi:good could have added madame shilpa shetty,the latest ambassador of indian cultural,traditional,hell,all other blah blah..
A.P.J was indeed an inspiring president!but i hope he will continue to tour India and that people will still listen to him speaking about his dreams and visions for India..if nothing else,he's given me courage to dream big!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Vivek-thanks da

Abhi-Well its good that people atleast know what's happening and hopefully they'll react!

Kris-For a developed India in all its faces we need an APJ in all the fields.

Hari-Will you say the same if you were categorized as a poor man and didn't have the bare essentials to survive?

Manoranjini-I felt she's been given too much coverage in all sorts of ways and my blog isn't place for B's like her

Hari S R said...

@ abhi - yes, i agree that i want to be happy , and allowed to live in peace with simple means . but i refuse to be ashamed of my nation bcos what is the nation afterall but its people ?

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