Sunday, July 22, 2007

My new Rides!

Which one's better??

These are the two new rides that i've got my hands onto in recent days! I had to bid adieu to my bike some weeks back. I had to wait a full 15 days before i could get the Dio and in that time i went around with the Zen a couple of times. I liked both of them and am asking you which one looks better

About the Dio:

Its a kool ride. Very quick on the throttle and i can say that it'll beat a pulsar from a traffic stop atleast till the pulsar kicks into 3rd gear. Now that's not a small achievement for this small wonder. I had good fun with it in the last 3 days and enjoy driving it. It's a small light weight and hence is a a good machine to ride. Since its gearless traffic is just fun zipping in and out of it with ease. Also i feel its among the best gearless scooters available in the market. Still its the best of the two i feel coz it gives me the rush of a bike and that's something i had missed for a while.

About the Zen:

Its not something that i was looking forward to since i was so addicted to biking. It'll take some time for me to get into the grove. The best thing for me right now about driving a car is that you can hear the music u love along with the beauty of roads rushing by you. I haven't got many chances to take my car out for a long drive and i hope my perception of driving a car will slowly change and i'll get the hang of it.


ഞാന്‍ said...

For sure, dio or any scooter wont give you the thrill you get from biking. I will always go for a 4 wheeler rather than a skootie.... girlish stuff (I mean the skootie)!!!.... [let gals have all the pleasure......;) ]

athul v dev said...

choose the best one occasionly.. dio is easy to manage in traffic but zen will give u more comfort so its btw easiness and comfort and also petroool also hehe...

Kurien said...

ok da that is true da driving a car is a different scenario in itself...but why dio..bought it for sis ha??.
ok da keep blogging