Friday, July 13, 2007


After weeks of waiting i finally took my car for a drive today. Feels so happy and relieved.

Happy because its been 1 full week since i lost my bike and was really in pain as i was not having a vehicle to drive.

Relieved coz the feeling within me to take the car out even when my parents had told a strict no-no till i get the license.

It was actually without my mom's knowledge that i sneaked out with the car today. I went around for more than an hour and i felt sorry when i returned coz the worried look on my mom's face made me regret what i did.

STILL i can't stop myself from telling the highlights of the trip.

Distance : Went for 30 kms around my home and even ventured into the NH 47, the holy ground for any motorist in Trivandrum City. That ofcourse was for a short stretch from Sreekariyam to Kariavattom and then back.

Top speed : The needle touched 90kmph on the NH and it felt good, but still the feeling of the wind rushing onto one's face was missing. In tht respect you still rock my steed.

Fun : It was fun to drive the car and i had some trouble at first coz the car in that i learnt driving was a normal Maruti 800 and mine is a Power Steering equipped Zen Estilo.

Bottomline : I had a fun filled drive and fortunately the car didn't have any scratches or dents and no man was injured in the pursuit of this activity.

BTW this is my car


Kurien said...

"The needle touched 90kmph on the NH and it felt good, but still the feeling of the wind rushing onto one's face was missing"

Very true man only a bike can give you that thrill;)

Anyway the black color suits the car...happy driving man....

Abhijith said...

Happy Driving my friend !!!
As someone said " Once a biker , Always a biker "
May you have lakhs of kms of safe driving !!

Bhavesh said...

hmmmm.... Enthada 90 il nirthiyathu...?? Next drive il 3 digit aackanne :-D

Waiting for my first ride in your Vandi ;-)

(Enna vandide treat??)

krish said...

aa vandiide frontil kedakkunnathu "aana kutty" yaa???
kollam pattiya sadhanam!

NightFox said...

Nice blog man.. i do read it sometimes.. Me too bloggng of late.. Just startd... nothing much!!

vishnu said...

hehe vandi veettil parayathe eduthonde poyathum pora , keri irippu urakkum munne 90il poyennu....
iniyengilum payye podey :P

anyway gud to see uve startd enjoyin drives once again man :)...