Friday, July 27, 2007

Letter Written in the year 2070

The following is from a mail forward that i received a few days back. I liked the idea that the creator wanted to publicise. Its an issue that we all should have thought about from a long time ago and it is something that will be a problem for us by 2070, if not earlier.

Here's the Letter:

This is the year 2070,I have just turned 50,
but I look and feel 85.
I suffer from serious kidney problems,
because I do not drink enough water.
I'm afraid I do not have much time left to live.
I am one of the oldest people in this society.

I remember when I was a child of 5.
There were lots of trees in the parks,
houses with beautiful gardens,
and I could enjoy having a shower for half an hour.
Everything was very different.
Nowadays we use towels with
mineral oil to clean our skin.

Before, women had beautiful hair.
Then, my father washed his car with
water coming out of a hosepipe.
Now, my son does not believe that
water could be wasted that way.
Now, we have to shave our heads to
keep them clean without the use of water.

I remember there were
warnings on outdoor posters,
radio and TV, but nobody paid attention.
We thought that water was to last forever.
Now, all the rivers, lakes, dams and
underground water beds are
either dry or contaminated.

Industry came to a standstill,
unemployment is sky high.
Desalination plants are the
main source of employment
and workers receive part of
their salary in drinkable water.

Assaults on the streets for a
can of water are very common.
Food is 80% synthetic.

Before, it was recommended an
adult drinks 8 glasses a day.
Nowadays, I am only allowed half a glass.
We now have to wear disposable clothing,
and this increases the amount of litter.
We are using septic tanks, because the
sewerage system does not work for lack of water.

All the people look horrible,
wrinkled due to dehydration,
full of sores caused by ultra violet radiation,
as the ozone layer is almost gone.
Skin cancer, gastrointestinal infections
and of the urinary tracts are the main causes of death.

Due to the excessive drying of the skin
young people of 20 look like 40.
Scientists have no solution to the problem.
Water cannot be produced, oxygen is not
sufficient due to the lack of trees and vegetation,
and the intellectual capacity of the younger
generations is severely impaired.

The morphology of spermatozoa in
many men has changed.
As a consequence, babies are born
with deficiencies, mutations and physical deformities.

The average life expectancy is 35 years.

Water became a very coveted treasure.
Any green zones crossed by rivers are
guarded by armed soldiers.

Where I live, there are no trees,
because it seldom rains.
If it does, it is acid rain.
We were warned to look after
the environment, but nobody cared.

I tell my son about the green fields,
the beautiful flowers, the rain, how
we swam and fish in the rivers and
dams, drinking all the water we
could, and how healthy people were.

He asks: Daddy! Why there is no water?
Was I guilty ?
My generation destroyed the environment.
We did not heed the warning signs.
Now our children pay a very high price!

Soon, I think, life on earth will not be possible,
as the destruction of nature has reached an irreversible stage.

How I would like to go back and make mankind understand…
...that we still had time to save our Planet Earth.

Save water for out kids, if not for anyone else.

The above message was an Article published in the magazine "Crónicas de los Tiempos", in April 2002. Five years since not one law has been passed for the misuse of water. The only awareness that the governments spread are a few Save Water signs and a few plans to harvest rain water. Maybe it is because the world is too busy fighting for OIL and exploiting nature. The fight for OIL is so widespread and POPULAR that we even have a on-line Role Playing GAME named OILFIGHT. What has the world come to? Where is it heading to? Will the letter come true? Will our children be fortunate enough to have a bath that we take for granted, or the healthy drink of a glass of water?

All these questions are not posed at the readers, but at the so-called "All powerful" leaders of the world. Hope they'll come to their senses before its too late!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

My new Rides!

Which one's better??

These are the two new rides that i've got my hands onto in recent days! I had to bid adieu to my bike some weeks back. I had to wait a full 15 days before i could get the Dio and in that time i went around with the Zen a couple of times. I liked both of them and am asking you which one looks better

About the Dio:

Its a kool ride. Very quick on the throttle and i can say that it'll beat a pulsar from a traffic stop atleast till the pulsar kicks into 3rd gear. Now that's not a small achievement for this small wonder. I had good fun with it in the last 3 days and enjoy driving it. It's a small light weight and hence is a a good machine to ride. Since its gearless traffic is just fun zipping in and out of it with ease. Also i feel its among the best gearless scooters available in the market. Still its the best of the two i feel coz it gives me the rush of a bike and that's something i had missed for a while.

About the Zen:

Its not something that i was looking forward to since i was so addicted to biking. It'll take some time for me to get into the grove. The best thing for me right now about driving a car is that you can hear the music u love along with the beauty of roads rushing by you. I haven't got many chances to take my car out for a long drive and i hope my perception of driving a car will slowly change and i'll get the hang of it.

Friday, July 13, 2007


After weeks of waiting i finally took my car for a drive today. Feels so happy and relieved.

Happy because its been 1 full week since i lost my bike and was really in pain as i was not having a vehicle to drive.

Relieved coz the feeling within me to take the car out even when my parents had told a strict no-no till i get the license.

It was actually without my mom's knowledge that i sneaked out with the car today. I went around for more than an hour and i felt sorry when i returned coz the worried look on my mom's face made me regret what i did.

STILL i can't stop myself from telling the highlights of the trip.

Distance : Went for 30 kms around my home and even ventured into the NH 47, the holy ground for any motorist in Trivandrum City. That ofcourse was for a short stretch from Sreekariyam to Kariavattom and then back.

Top speed : The needle touched 90kmph on the NH and it felt good, but still the feeling of the wind rushing onto one's face was missing. In tht respect you still rock my steed.

Fun : It was fun to drive the car and i had some trouble at first coz the car in that i learnt driving was a normal Maruti 800 and mine is a Power Steering equipped Zen Estilo.

Bottomline : I had a fun filled drive and fortunately the car didn't have any scratches or dents and no man was injured in the pursuit of this activity.

BTW this is my car

Friday, July 06, 2007

You`ll Be In My Heart

It started on one rainy day in August. I still remember the day that i 1st saw her. I just thought she wasn't the one for me. I had gone after other of her kind with more mean and killer looks. But then as they say "Relations are made in heaven". Relationships are funny things. Friendship, brotherhood, parental, children and marriages are quite sacred with all of us. But then there are some relations that go beyond all these, those that defy common sense. those that just start with nothing in common, but become the most endearing of relations. We all come to a stage where we can never tell why we are in love with someone/something. We just love them for what they are, for being there when we need.

That what was between me and my Libero. Now i know what you all might be thinking; "Why is this guy being so senti about something like a bike?". I just can't tell why i fell in love with something as inanimate as my bike. Maybe its coz that was given to me at a time when i was in a new phase of my life. The years that i spent in college were just amazing. All the days of fun, laughter and enjoyment were spent with the bike with me. I really pushed it to the limits and it had resulted in 1 major accident and a few minor one's throughout the 3 years that i had been riding it. It was the 1st ride that got me to break the 3 digit speed barrier.

Unfortunately these are the only pictures that i have of my bike.
(That's my house compound in the BG, leave the foliage unnoticed)

So coming back to the day i saw it for the 1st time. I was pretty excited and was really very very happy with my dad for giving me a bike of my own. It was late evening by the time the bike was given off from the showroom and i drove it home. The very next day i drove for 60 kms around the city, in the by pass, near the beach almost anywhere i could go. The service engineers were always surprised at the small intervals in which i used to show up for getting the bike serviced. It was a workhorse which i had used in all possible conditions and it had never let me down. I can still remember the numerous instances when i had a smile on my face beating another bike in a street duel. It was always a heart-warming feeling when i got to beat bikes with higher power and engine capacity with this steed of mine. I drove it for more than 50,000 kms in the last three years and never have i been troubled by a major problem.

In India, Yamaha scripted a success story with a sporty two-stroke single—the RX100. Memories of this torque monster still strike distinctive chords for many an enthusiast that learnt the joys of riding, milking its indestructible engine for all of a then staggering 11bhp! To many the questions of what went wrong and where, remain unanswered. Now am not saying that Yamaha came up with the Libero to satisfy all those ambitions. As far as i know Libero was one bike that had the punch of a Yamaha and the efficiency which could give a chase to the Hero Honda's age old philosophy of "Fill it, shut it, forget it". The bike gave me excellent thrills and a pretty decent mileage for the speed that i drive at.

It was a companion that gave me company during the lonely evenings at the Shanghumugham beach or the fast drives from college till the numerous theatre's in city to watch films with friends. It is one inanimate object that i gave up with a lot of emotions.

Thank you my faithful steed .. i'll never forget our rides together. You`ll Be In My Heart