Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Confessions of a Fast driver

Many will say that i am writing this post coz finally god put some sense in me while i was languishing in a hospital bed due to an accident that i met with last week. Well many will disagree with the title of the blog saying that am not a fast driver but then a RASH driver. Well i am a person who says that i like to do anything fast and even mention it in my Orkut profile and i do make it a point to show off with my AMAZING ability to drive my bike at extreme speeds. I believe that anyone can go at any speed if he can control the vehicle he's driving. For some people the speed at which they might feel secure maybe 40-45, for others it may be 50-60 and even 70-80 for a minority. If Schumi can put his Ferrari F1 race car through speeds exceeding 300 kmph why can't someone who's a lot LESS talented(like me :P) drive in a ordinary bike at 70-80 kmph?

Some will say that to drive fast is a way to show off. I would say yes and no to it. Yes when it comes to certain occasions. Well i don't know how to put it, but then most guys who drive fast actually don't care if there are people looking at the way he's driving or not. Atleast i don't. Basically not many gals(those i know) like guys who drive fast. The whole world curses us when we cut through a small gap or zip past a busy traffic block. All turn around or crane their necks to curse "Where the F___ does he think he's going" or even worse "He's gonna crash for sure". So it's with all these things upon one's head that he drives.

You might be thinking am just including the guys in this Fast drivers list. Well i do know a very very small number of gals who drive fast and do fall into the 50-60 speed range. But then you don't see many gals driving in Tvm, and of the one's who drive fast there are 10 times that number who drive slow and are a pain in the @$$ for the other drivers. So coming back to the main point, this post is not a JUSTIFICATION as to why i drive fast. It's just that i heard so many people criticize about my driving when i was in the hospital.

Some said i was too fast and didn't have any control, others said that i am fast but good at driving; still one can't say when anything can happen. Then there were others who were like "i knew he would crash someday with his driving". Well i really wanted to say "F___ off" and wanted to really cut their nuts off! Here i am lying in a hospital bed and all they can say are stories of how fast i drive and that too after coming empty handed into the room. Is there a better way to be rude??

Now the objective of this post was to tell what all one will suffer when he decided to join the elite club of people who enjoy the wind rustling along their ears as they whisk past busy roads of bask in the sunshine on empty highways. It always depends upon the road too. For driving fast you don't need a really great bike. Those who have seen my bike or have driven the model will testify that its not anyone's dream machine. But it does have it's kicks and given the day it can give any pulsar a run for it's money(unless it's a highway).

The risks involved in driving fast are enormous. Most damaging one's being the 1's being the injuries that can happen to a person who's driving fast and then has a crash. The problem becomes even more complex when you weigh a lot and this adds onto the momentum when u have the fall.

There can be people waiting to come and hit you with their bikes/cars/vans and then cause you to have the fall. That's what happened with me. It was early morning. Time was 6:00 AM when i left home for the railway station to catch the 635AM Parasu express to go for a quiz @ Kayankulam. The quiz was a personal favourite of mine coz of two reasons:

1) Our team had won prizes there for the last 2 years and this was our 3rd and final chance.
2) For readers who have read my very 1st posts in this blog. This was the college that gave me the incident to write a post about THE GAL.

At 610 AM or so i reached Nalanchira junction and saw that a guy was on the wrong side and i thought he was gonna go for a side road and so i didn't really expect him to suddenly swerve towards me and then hit me. After the crash the momentum thngy hit me hard. I was at some 50-60 kmph and he was at 40-50. I hit the road with face 1st and had a broken tooth. He had a broken finger and that's it. Even if i was driving perfectly i had the larger share of injuries. That dude was out of the hospital at 10 AM and i was in hospital for a week, with 1 more week of REST @ home! 1st thing i did after the accident was to call home and say that i had a accident and asked dad to come ASAP.

As far as i could make out i was pretty ok. I wasn't having any pain and there wasn't any profuse unstoppable bleeding or the like. Next i called the guy who was coming with me for the quiz. Poor Thomas thought it was a small accident and said we can go in the 7 AM train if i am late. I had a hard time convincing him that i can't make it. Then i msgd a few of my closest buddies about the crash and how bad i thought i was. I could sense that i had a broken tooth and that my upper lip was torn coz of this broken tooth. I had a few minor bruises on my forehead and nose and also on my knee. I waited for some 10 mins after which dad came and took me to SUT hospital.

There the doc in the casualty gave me the typical doc-patient look and then said if he stitches me up then i would kill him later on coz my face would be ruined. I admired his guts for a poor joke even when faced with a problem. Maybe that's why he was in the casualty. After that he did some preliminary cleaning and applied some medicine and patched me up for a scan to asses any internal damage. Fortunately i didn't have any and i was shifted to the Neuro ICU. Their i was fed 2 IV lines and had some bottles of fluids injected into my body. The doc came and the only real pain i suffered in the whole hospital episode came then; when the doc gave me local anaesthesia to give me the stitches on my upper lip. I vinced in pain and even went upto the extent of pushing the doc's hand off. After that i had 2 pairs of soft hands holding my hands for preventing further DISTURBANCES.

Then what i saw really was a kool experience. The doc was sewing my lip like it were a piece of cloth. I had 4 stitches on the outer side and 2 on the inner side. Then i was made to lie down. After this in the evening i was shifted to the room and then 6 days of REST and RECUPERATION.But then it had it's share of goodness as well.

· Like i stayed in a hospital for a few days after maybe 15 years or so. The last time i was hospitalised for any disease was when i was in 2nd std coz of Measles. Maybe its not that good a thing to experience, but i didn't hate it and i welcome any kinda change.

· You get a royal treatment with nurses their to do anything for u(well not ANYTHING!)

· There are nurses to check your BP 4 times a day and to tell the truth, some of them did increase it a notch or two. There are nurses EVEN asking the number of times u had a piss and if you are eating well. ( i loved the concern in those beautiful eyes when they ask that)

· The number of people who visit you and the nice one's even turn up with fruits and other eatables.

· The horrible food that hospitals serve made me say with pride that mom's the best cook.(Still the zam zam guy may beat her in tandoori chicken)

· The celebrity status that you earn when you share rooms with the like of Mohanlal's dad(Sad that he died the day before i came home)

· The relief that comes to your mind when people show their presence to make you feel that they care(nt all, some came to ogle at the nurses)

So am now grounded and dad's planning to sell-off my long time companion and get a 4 wheeler. Now he's knows that i won't be around to drive that the way i drove my bike! So i like the idea of a car at home even though i have to catch the bus to college for the last few days that's left of it. But then coming to think of it, its also for a general good. It was during my walking days that i looked best and had the slimmest of waist sizes. Now 6 inches, 20kgs and 2 years later am still looking forward to a few days when i will be walking from PMG till college.

God knows when i will be back to my old riding days and 100 kmph speeds. It really kills me when i see myself getting up and then remaining in the house the entire day. Ofcourse ther's nuthn tht i can do. But then the days am away from the outside world make me mad, make me feel isolated from the world. Now i know why they say that solitary confinement is the worst punishment. Even when i have access to the internet 24/7 or have the TV with me, it just boils down to one simple truth, no form of media can make do for effective human communication. No amount of Orkuting or chatting can replace meeting friends in the real place. It just can't be done! I used to feel the other way round till now, but i feel that the 7 days i spent in the hospital with my mom and the nurses around me were far better. Even if it's just two days into my REST @ home, i am already suffocating with the noxious fumes of being isolated from the world! I just wanna break lose of all these bonds and get out of this place as early as possible!


Advocatus Diaboli said...

"I vinced in pain and even went upto the extent of pushing the doc's hand off. After that i had 2 pairs of soft hands holding my hands for preventing further DISTURBANCES."

err... dude..sure u werent padlocked?

~~~Raje$h~~~ said...

i loved the concern in those beautiful eyes when they ask that

u are soooo wrong [:p]

and driving at 60kmph= getting less time to respond,more distance to stop...than @ 40kmph..
skilled=control @ 60kmph
but skill cant increase time or decrease distance
slow is safer!
not that i drive that slow...but still...;)

Mr. Commonsensical said...

"Concern" ??!?? BULLSHIT... they are paid for that, buster.

They couldn't care less even if you had piles.

ah... Accident, long time no see. 3 accidents to my credit, 2 vehicles and multi bruises and scars. Yeah I know exactly how the fall feels and the sense of loath you have for the person who knocked you down and escaped with minimal injuries.

Still bud, cliched as it may sound, can't leave it unsaid, you are one fast, crazy, rash driver.

But no matter how good the driver, an accident is inevitable. Nothing's perfect.

If its 100kmph you care for, a 4 wheeler is far better. I trust my 4 wheelie to give me speed thrills better than even a pulsar.

-: :Abhi: :- said...

Dude!!!...Hope u doing a lot better!! I really got to knw the whole thing nw!!...Well...U knw wat!!...

May u b healed with all the divinity so tht u can Get BACK TO THAT ROAD in a FEW DAYS TIME AND WHRRROOOOOM AGAIN!!!....

seriously!!..I believe riding slower is many a times the cause of many aski'dents'!!!...Hope u get get a replacemnt Dent!:P..My neighbour is always around..hehe..infact...he is the prici of ktm Dental clg....Wokay!..
Hoping to see u bak on road dude!!..:) Tcre!!

Abhijith said...

"For driving fast you don't need a really great bike. Those who have seen my bike or have driven the model will testify that its not anyone's dream machine. But it does have it's kicks and given the day it can give any pulsar a run for it's money(unless it's a highway)."
True True !!!
Man !! Shit happens !! Don't be worried by it . U'll come out of it well ! BTW I'm one of those persons who belongs to the 60-80 range . And I know many people who see me riding do call me " Shit head , Fu_____ etc " . But they never know that you are infact in control of the bike and face almost any situation that the bike puts you through .
Get well soon bro !!

krish said...

It was really sad that you met with this accident. but you shouldn't have made use of this situation to make up another story to fool me on April 1st... for all those who don't knw abt that, this guy sent messages to many of his frnds sayin that abhijith fell frm bed in hospital and is back in ICU and that docs are gonna open up his head fr a surgery.. the best part is that the message seemed like sent by his sister. i was really really shocked! and i was the FIRST fool to believe this!!!

good that u're outta the hospital soo SOON! and sad that u'd to shave ur mustache off!!! hope to see u outta ur SOLITARY CONFINEMENT soon and wish that i could see u whrroomin thru the road again with ur bike...

take care buddy!

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

@ Varun-U saw them soft hands man! Why question now???

@ Rajesh-Learn to use ur equipment in the best possible way, else it wd go waste! And u did say it all when u said "not that i drive that slow...but still...;)

@Mr......-U still won't have the thrill of having the wind rushing in ur face in a 4 wheeler!(unless it's a open top cabriolet!)

@Abhish(the other abhi)-Sad to say NO MORE WHROOOMS on a bike for me!

@ Krish- Wasn't that a SHCOKER??