Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kerala - God's own country!

No this is not a post which is going to describe how beautiful my native state is, i just needed something to put in my blog and this was the best that i could think of!

This video captures the true essence of what Kerala is, it's culture, heritage and yada yada yada.

A Snapshot view of what Kerala's Culture is all about!

This is what REAL Kerala looks like, unclean streets, loads of fresh fish, Kathakali, Theyyam, Backwaters with what else .....water and, yada yada yada.

What is Kerala without the RAINS, and believe me the expression "When it rains, it pours" was quoted by someone who had seen Kerala. Don't know if 50 Cent came to Kerala to get the lyrics of the song "When It Rains It Pours"

This 1's about the RICH natural heritage the State has, the vast unexplored paths of the Western ghats, the silent valley's and yada yada yada.

When did Kerala be Kerala without the Spot that made it appear on the map - KOVALAM. This video show's the beautiful( errr) beach with all the things that make it unique including the stray dogs!

This show's one of THE best Hill stations in Kerala - Munnar. It's a real kool place to be in and i guess blessed are the souls who study in the College of Engg @ Munnar and the B-School that's there. Heard that the B-School is in the midst of a Tea-estate. Some setting for a MBA eh?? This is a handycam version, where i think the user was stupid enough to hold the cam at odd angles making the video really jerky. But the place is beautiful; with it's tea estates, county houses, winding roads and yada yada yada. I gotta tell you, I am loving this yada yada thingy.

So that's it for now! Waiting for the damn exams to get over! After that a post about how i PREPARED this time for my exams!

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