Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Caught in the Traffic

A DIFFERENT LESSON: A motorist who jumped the signal reading the pamphlet on traffic rules at Pattom junction in the city on Friday.

I guess the image says it all.........

For those dumbo's who haven't figured out what this picture is doing in my blog, here goes. The guy wearing check shirt and having the paper in the hand is
ME. I had been reminded about this picture, which came in The Hindu a few years ago, when i was caught for the same crime that landed me on the 3rd page of The Hindu and made me a celebrity in my batch @ college.

The Crime : Jumping RED signal @ rush hour in the busy Pattom Junction..

The Criminal(i guess there's no harm in this usage) : your's truly

The Punishment: No fine's, no reprimands, but being made to read a checklist of precautions that one must go through while riding in RUSH hour! This was followed by the CI showing me a few photos of accident victims, i couldn't make out the faces and in some the face was so mutilated that i felt like i would puke there itself.

Seeing this the CI had a wicked laugh(the kind that we see in mythology serials and old films). He made me swear that i will NEVER jump the lights in future. If he had his way i would have spent a day in the Sub-Jail @ Attakulangara and would have been a full fledged GOONDA by now, rather than what i am now(now don't say ther's no difference).

The incident occured when i was in s4, i still remember being called at 6 AM the next day by Simon and his words were not that good to hear, especially when i am trying to catch some sleep. "
Aliya ninte padom Hindu 3rd pagil adichu vannirikunnu". Next to call was Aparna who made it a point to 1st inform my mom about the INCIDENT. By the time i came downstairs to get my hands on the paper, it was already being read ALOUD by my sister. I thought that was the end of it. But no, god has a funny way of playing games on me.

When i reached college, the story's cutout was PASTED on the classroom's walls by my very good friends and even teacher's came to know about the INCIDENT (although my FRIENDS had another story and a different caption for the picture). Anyways this incident opened my eyes to the dangers of driving. The pictures that i had seen in the album of the CI are still fresh in my mind. They are the kind that would be censored in any violent movie, mainly coz most of them lacked what made up a face. Some had just gash's in place of eyes, while some were so bloody that it was hard to make out how the person might have looked. To know that such things happen due to the adrenalin rush in most cases is a sad thing. Why risk it, when we can save our life by being slow??

But then all this philosophy goes out of the loop once i get on my bike. The rush of air against my face when going at 80-90kmph is something that can only be felt. To know why guys get killed by speeding, try riding the bike at those speeds.

Believe me you would
never feel like slowing down!

PS: For the detailed story on my Traffic Escapade go to:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Dhoom 2 Back in Action-I don't think so

After a long wait i took my sister to watch Dhoom 2 today; it's not that i wasn't looking forward to watch it. In fact i was, but then all my friends saw it on the day of release and told that it's a damp squib and watching it will be a total waste of money. But my sister being a mad fan of Hrithik. Well for people who went to this film expecting a action flick, it's a total disaster. The stunts are too much to believe and almost all of them are done with the assistance of rope tricks. But after watching Krrish i wasn't gonna expect much from this.

This time leave out John Abraham and add in his girl Bipasha Basu. Also add in a dash of Hrithik Roshan and a pinch of Aishwarya Rai and you get Dhoom 2! For those guys who went to see some Booty and for gals who went to see Hrithik flex his great Ab's and Biceps it's a total value for money package. The story is totally BULLSHIT, the picturization is truly great with awesome locales like Mumbai, Goa and Brazil. The songs are also pretty good and are already topping the charts. There's even a KISS to keep the audience entertained, but then what i look forward to in a film is a good story to backup the whole thing and that is a great detail to miss.

The film started with the introduction to the greatest thief in the world, Aryan; played by none other than Hrithik. He's supposed to be so good at his job that no police force in the world has seen his real face and they all are kept guessing about his next robbery. Leading the Indian police force in finding this thief is ACP Jay Dixit( Abhishek). He's helped in his efforts by the sexy and smart
ACP Shonali Bose(Bipasha Basu). Well if all policewomen in the force wore what she wore to office, there will be daylight robbery coz half the force (the men) will be looking at them rather than work! Also the expected addition to the force is Ali(Uday Chopra). He plays the funny slapstick comedian's role pretty well and has his share of slow motion walks and muscle flexing too. If Abhishek had some appreciable bod, then he would have been flexing those biceps too, am SURE! The Heroine in the story is played by Sunheri(Aish), and boy has she lost weight and got into shape. She looks amazing in the intro scene with a small pair of shorts that hardly covers anything and a top which is better left unsaid.

The story's like this: Aryan is a master thief who leaves his mark at all the robberies that he carries out, it's a mysterious A. After each robbery he stays quiet for some time and then he moves onto his next target. He steals only things which are in Jay's words: Priceless, things like crown's, antiques and such stuff. After Shonali shows a presentation of his targets across the world and then says that the police all over the world is looking for him, Jay comes up with his brain whacking idea that he's gonna come to Mumbai for his next heist. And so they plan to trap him and obviously FAIL. Next they put Aish into his trail as a thief, but in reality she's a double crosser who's put into the case by Abhi to help him, but in the end she helps Hrithik to escape. Finally the good cop catches the bad thief and that's the end of the story!

When you watch Dhoom 2 ,you realize its not about the plot but about high-tech action,beautiful locations,danceable songs and not to forget: our good-looking hotties. There are way too many great locations and a large number of CHICKS. So go for this movie if you wanna get some thrills from cheap tricks played by our own Hero's and they do try to emote a lot of Hollywood movies. There are scenes which reminded me of the bike chase in the final minutes of MI 2 and some really stupid moves, like the one where Hrithik comes out of a water pipe's manhole as if it's a Coke bottle.

Coming to say about Coke, well he makes sure that he gives good airtime to the COKE label and cans!

Final VERDICT:Yeah I didn't like this movie, but it's not the worse of 2006. I think KANK deserves the worst movie of 2006.Don't bring along your brains for this movie-Just sit back and relax as top bollywood stars flex their muscles and toned bodies and try to entertain you.