Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Classmates - A real entertainer

Well before writing about th movie i would like to tell about how i watched the movie. It was a lazy day for me, and i didn't go for the CAT class in the morning. The excuse this time was " Cough and Cold" and i was really very drowsy from my medicine. But the real reason was that it was raining like hell and i was NOT in a mood to bathe in icy cold water @ 6 AM. So i slept a bit more and then got up at 730. Reached college at 9 am only to find that i had no class in the 1st hour. The second hour was also free and we guys were having our usual discussions, this time about sports in the last few days, it all began with the Indian Hockey teams PATHETIC show @ the world cup. Then we went into EPL and Champions League and it was 1030. At that time i had a idea for going for a film rather than sit in the class and waste my precious time.

So i asked if anyone was coming and had a mixed response, by 1040 i had just 1 guy willing to come and that was Jai, so we went in my bike and on our way to the theatre, we had 4 guys calling us and asking us if we can get tickets for them too. We said we would try our best and by 11 we reached Sree Padmanabha, it was jam packed with guys n gals frm various colleges(guess all had free hours!) We were in a serpentine queue which extended well into the road. By the time we reached the gate of the theatre, we had varying offers for black tickets like 30 for 50; 30 for 40 and so on.

Finally we made it to the interior of the theatre and got to the end of the queue, by then we had the RELUCTANT guys coming in and we had a small crowd from our class. We took 10 tickets and still we hadn't got for 3 guys who showed up late. Now the tickets we had in our hands were the Rs 20 one's; the very front row. I thought we might have to sit in the 2nd row or 3rd, but when we got inside all that was left was the very 1st row. The closest i had got to the screen was th 7th row for ANNIYAN, and that was kinda bad, i thought this is worse and got in. I could see that the screen really is BIG, but now it looked gargantuan.

I took a seat at almost the middle and when i got in A R Rahman's composition of the Vande Maataram was being shown, the whole audience was swaying to it's tunes and it was good to see them do that. After this the picture began and it was really tough to watch it. It was like watching a tennis match from the front row, had to shift my head from one side to other as the characters spoke on screen. It was really tought to see it all together. But then it was great that i could hear every dialog, every joke from the screen(wch is usually impossible due to the audience comments and laughter). So in that way it was good.

Now about the movie: well if you are going for a stereotype campus romance, don't waste your money over this one. Ofcourse it has a love story, or rather two of them, but there stops the similarity from the other CAMPUS films. This film captures the real essence of a typical Kerala college, with lovers, strikes and friendly(and Unfriendly) teachers. I was really happy to see that this was NOT a story based on a engineering college, not that i don't like it, but then being a engineering student i hate the mockery that such films make of engineering colleges and the students who study there. There have been
umpteen number of films that show a guy coming from a poor background scoring centum's in all papers and being the hero in the end. I do agree that it happens, but come on; this can't be the story in all colleges.

Ok now coming to this film, it has a good story and surprisingly good casting, each character fits into the role perfectly and there are no scenes to show the bravery of the hero or the eternal love story or anything, i appreciate the director Mr LAL JOSE for doing justice to the script and the keeping in with the story. The story tells us about the bond between a group of friends who during their prime in the college, enjoyed a lot and then come back to the campus after a short span of time. They find that all of them have changed, but then the bond is still strong in them and they still feel for eachother what they felt years before.

The film has all the essentials for a good movie, nice story, good acting, melodious songs and great picturisation and yea, it has the elements of a thriller too. For more spend ATLEAST 20 buks and go watch the film. The film is another must see, if you really wanna get 100% value for the money spent on the ticket.

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-: :Abhi: :- said...

Seriously man! true..Wonderful movie..Nice to see Gud films (NOT COMMERCIAL) are still made...We ppl went to watch the movie wed, in between the series...Whole of the Class...It was sum serious fun and xperience wen its tht way..:) 1:00 we went to get the tiket for the 3:00 show..Man..the theatre was power packed!!...Really worth it even if u had to spent sum 60 70 bucks...Keep blogging dude...