Friday, August 25, 2006

What to do with my evil mind!

It's been a while since i have blogged, but then if i go on explaining about what kept me away from blogger, it will fill this post. I hav another important matter to put in front of all the people who read my blog( i do feel ther are some ppl who do that).

So here it goes........

Today i was on my way back from college. I was in a bus( yea bus!) after a long long time. Today was a very memorable day in my life, for things which have never happened in my life before. Things which i may not be doing again in my life......... But i feel so bad cause i broke so many hearts today, of people whom i consider as friends, some even more than friends.

Aaaah lemme just forget that and get to the core of the issue. All might be wondering why i put such a title for this post of mine. Well here it begins.... As i was saying ....on my way back from college in the bus i was trying to find a seat and after 5 mins into the journey i got a seat, now due to the hectic day that i had i dozed off as soon as i found a seat. In the sleep i dnt know how but i had a dream and boy it sure was a nasty dream. It was pretty beautiful dream, it was a typical day out of my life, i got up at 7 went to college in my bike, reached college at 9. Then onto a boring session at college, with games of football and a lot of occasions THEPPIFYING my friends and the like.. But then towards th middle of the day, the dream took a nasty turn. I suddenly sported a GUN, a waltherPPK(AKA James Bond's gun) and then i went to a class in my college(not mine :D) and then shot 4 of my best ENEMIES in that class in cold blood and then walked out of my class and then killed myself in front of my friends.

Now after i shot myself(in the dream) i got a sudden feeling that i was going to a place that's sooo evil that it fit all the descriptions of HELL. Then before i could see more there was this stupid lorry driver who blew his horn and the shrill blast of the air horn woke me up. :(( i wish i had seen more and got to know what is the punishment in Hell for killing people.

Now i want all of you to tell me if what i saw was something that was EVIL and that if i should be punished for what i dreamt of.

Waitin for all your comments!