Saturday, July 01, 2006

The festival known as Exams!

Finally it's over! whew........ now i can have a sigh of relief. Boy that was exhausting. Exams for more than a month, 11 papers in total.......... gosh i havn't written as many exams in such a small gap ever before and hopfully will never do it again. It all started on 20th or 23rd (dnt rem tht) of last month, my first exam in 6th sem. They were all pretty smooth and were over in a span of 3 weeks, simple affair not such a big deal. Some papers really sucked, but 6 semesters in a engineering course do teach one thing: some papers are just like that, no matter how hard you prepare they wd be there to screw u. So learing this truth the hard way in my 3rd n 4th semesters(long story, no time now!) i decided not to pay too much attention to so called NICE papers, namely machine tools, metallurgy, managemnt etc...

Now came the real pain in the @$$ experience, supplimentary exams. I had heard about them right from my 1st week at college, but thought "they are not for sumone like me" and guess what, i didn't have a single back paper in my entire BTech till my 5th sem results came;i knw i hav said this abt 10-15 times in the course of this blog, still it's sumthn that i find difficult to adjust to, so plz bear with me ths 1 time. So in my 5th sem i got 3, not 1 or 2 but 3 papers as supplimentary. For the very 1st time in my life i came to college on days usually spent in sleepin, loafin around, watchin movies n other productive activities. So here i was having 3 backpapers to clear and having pathetic scores in 2 of my favorite subjects(not that thy r too good, jus they are in the SCORING area) Maths n Dynamics of Machinery(DOM). In both the papers i had marks in the 50's. So i committed myself to the foolish act of writing improvement exams for these 2 papers. Many of my frnds with "rich experience" in the suppli dept did warn me that i wdn't get time for my suppli, let alone improvment exams. I thought "no way, i sure wd study and improve my % along with clearing the suppli". One major fact that i forgot while giving the exam fee was that from 9th June the FIFA world cup was begining and the major impact it would have on my STUDY HOURS!

Now here i was with a hallticket to appear for a total of 5 exams from 12th june to 30th june. I still was confident that there is plenty of gap between the papers and i would manage my time well and do well in the exams. So the 1st exam as usual was MATHS and i did a great deal of studies, if 1 module out of 3 is a great deal, then YES! So i went ther studying 1 module on the eve of the exam and the paper was so easy that 'I' managed to write all the questions asked from 1st module, includin the 20 mark and 2 shrt answer questions. So if i could do it by studyin for 3 hours, anyone who did study will surely get 80-90 marks. I was really angry at myself that day.

So went my 1st exam, 1 down 4 to go, next one was Thermal Engg, a paper wch i was expecting to get in the 60's and got 37. But due to a strike on 13th, our exams on 14th were postponed to 30th. So the next in line was Dynamics of Machinery on 16th, a paper wch i was sure to get great marks, and the exam was fairly simple and i hope to get good marks(that remains to be seen). Then came a dreaded paper wch i had hated so much cause of the nice teaching in the class, Metallurgy. I pitched in all efforts to see that this time i clear the paper and i did a great deal of studying. Then only i came to know about this paper. It's really not so bad (Hee Hee) it was jus that i had a prejudice towards this subject and now i found it to be somewhat OK! So i went to the exam with pretty high hopes on 22nd and wasn't disappointed when i saw the question paper. It was as if the teacher had put questions from just the areas i had worked upon. Surprisingly i sat there all 3 hours(that rarely occurs in my case) and wrote almost all the answere to the best of my knowledge.

Beaming with this confidence i went in to the Wipro placement on 23rd, yeah that's another contingency that i failed to address while giving for the improvement exams. So here i was a day after a suppli exam, all dressed up with a perfect executive look and i managed to get the job(more in the previous post).I was really happy after all this and decided to treat myself to a good movie. Yea, movie in between exams; It's quite usual for me and my friends. So we went for KRRISH. I can't find words to say how stupid i felt after watchin such a idiotic movie. Can't describe how stupid the film was. So here i was, wasting a good amount of money to watch a stupid film in a very bad theatre. Aaaaah, sometimes such things too happen.

On 25th,sunday i had my 2nd AIMCAT exam. It was something that i hadn't planned for, but coming to think of it; all the exams in this month hadn't been planned aswell. So i thought why waste a oppourtunity and went and wrote the test. The test sucked like hell and i managed to get a -ve score in the quant section. It was pretty good for my friends, but then why should i regret. Afterall i had come to write it without preparing, and still was expecting a result of around 28-30.

The next two days i studied like a dog, coz the next paper was a nightmare for me from day1 in 5th sem, Industrial Electronics. Being a mechanical student, it ddnt take much time for me to develop a hatred to electronics and it peaked when i got th news of my suppli in this paper. This time i wanted to just get a pass in this paper. Didn't feel that i could manage more either. I had a lot of help from a friend, who tried to induce in me the love of electronics, but i just failed to see her point at most times! So went to write IE suppli on 28th June, it was Ok and i think i will pass this time.

By 29th evening the AIMCAT results were out and just like i had calculated i got a -ve 0.67 in quant, got 6 in DI and managed to get 22 in Verbal. That was pretty good for me, cause:
1-Got the scores that i expected
2-Now know how badly i can screw up in the real CAT paper.
Got a total score of 27.33 and managed a decent 54th rank in city and all India rank of 2048. Though it was a huge drop from 8 and 190 of previous paper, i wasn't that sad, since i wasn't expecting to get a great score.

Next up was one good paper in which i had high hopes, not cause it's easy or anything, but it's amongst the best papers in the whole of BTech Mechanical. The paper is Thermal Engineering and i had a fairly good idea about the subject from the start, and it baffled me when i got just 37 in this, making this my 3rd suppli paper. This was a paper where i was expecting a score of not less than 60 and i got this. Anyways that is past and i put in some effort this time, not that i could do much as i had just one day to study a full semester paper. Still i tried my best with the notes i got in class(yeah they still exist) and with the textbook. I went to the exam hall on 30th with a clear mind and was quite sure that with this i would end my extended exam timetable on a happy note. But then god played a good joke on me and the paper was awful. I just managed to get 1 essay question right and had no clue watsoever about the other 2. Funny thing: There was a derivation which i had studied the previous night, and i couldn't rememeber it. It was something that never happened to me before, cause i study just the very essential things and always remember them. But i think tension got the better of me and i was on a low after the exam. I just prayed to god that i pass this without any problems, coz i dnt wanna go through this vicious circle once again!!

So that was the way my exam festival was; with lots of high's in the middle and finally ending on a low note.