Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Petrol becomes dearer !!

Am overcome with rage over each and every policy this govt makes. It's as if they are hell bent upon making the life of Ordirnary man miserable!! They say they are a govt that stands for the rights of the "AAM AADMI". But not a single move that's taken by this govt's done any good to any AADMI, let alone the AAM AADMI. The govt says the price hike is inevitable and that the international crude prices are what drives the prices high. But if we look at the prices of petrol in the countries around us, we are among the higest paying customers in the world market. Does anyone care why???

Well that's coz there are so many duties and taxes being levied upon customers like me. I still remember there used to be a sweet time when petrol was Rs 20 a ltr. Yeah frnds, ther were times like that. But now we are fools who believe that the petrol that we fill costs the Rs 50 that we pay for it.

The main reason that the govt's giving for the rise is that the international price of crude oil has reached $70 per barrel.Now lets do some calculations: From a Unit Convertor i got hold of in the net, i found that 1 barrel comes close to 159 lts. And $70 comes to Rs 3200. So that means 1 ltr comes to Rs 20. Now that's for crude and no matter how much the cost of petrol refining be it can't be 1.5 times the cost of crude. So the price of petrol should be lets assume Rs 30 per ltr(Am just assuming, coz i dnt knw wat's th refining cost).

So this means we pay about 40% of the petrol cost as TAXES!!! That's GROSS injustice, especially in a DEVELOPING country like India. We arn't a developed economy where the people can afford to pay such high taxes! The govt should cut back the tax rates or completly abolish taxing of petroleum products (i knw tht's a bit far fetched :D)

I wd surely love to have those Rs 30-35 a ltr era once again. Wat do you ppl say??

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headbanger said...

aaah ..the harsh realities of Indian life and Stupid Indian politics ....