Friday, June 09, 2006

The Beautiful Game called Football!

The greatest spectacle on the face of earth is going to be unleashed in exactly 5 hours from now. The show that millions are gearing up for. The show that has more fans than anyother game in the world. From today the world will witness a shift in the issues being discussed, no longer will people notice which leader gave what starement, or how many got killed in a terrorist strike. All that would matter from today till 9th July, will be who scored, who went down and which underdog got thru to 2nd round and so on. From tommorow people in Thankappan's chayakada to some high tech board room in silicon valley will have just one issue to talk, FOOTBALL, FOOTBALL n FOOTBALL!

I was amazed when few days on way to college i saw giant boards of soccer stars put up by people living near my college. Usually they are least bothered about what's happening in the world, but their support really astonished me. That really conveyed the message that football is something that's universal and has followers from all walks of life. Football is one religion that has followers in each and every corner of the world. Coming to think of it, the caption for ESPN's World cup coverage is "duniya GOAL hai". How appropriate, the world is gonna be just goals, freekicks and corners from now on for 31 days.

All i wish to see on the 9th of july is English skipper Beckham with the golden cup in his hands. I know many will have different opinions about this, but am supportin england this time, not that they are the best, but still i think when it comes to the game, the present english team can beat any opponent. Still i am keeping my finger crossed. What all happens, in the end the deserving team will win and ther's just 31 days and 64 matches that separate us from the final. But as they say it's about the beauty and aesthetic appeal of how the matches are played. Am eagerly looking forward to some great matches and to see who are the new key players emerging from this world cup.

So IT HAS BEGUN. Hoping to see a great World cup.

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Vivek said...

hehe...wht u said is right..but instead of England ...i would like
see netherlands winning da world cup..cause they r the most underestimated team in would football rite now...ny way all da best for ur england hopes