Friday, June 02, 2006

Another quota debacle

It seems that the govt is not gonna end the quota issue that easily, if we are to believe the comments from the Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment (News From CNN IBN). If her words are to be believed then it's gonna come in private sector too. Not only education they are givin jobs for free too!!

This is just as i projected in my previous post (do we need reservations). The govt is moving just like i thought. They waited till the students agitations get cooled and now they have started to make the move to halt the Indian industry which had picked up some pace due to good initiatives from the govt and the world scenario as a whole. But all this would now come to a standstill as the govt is going to put in their sweet words and say " We aren't gonna force it on anyone, but it's social responsibility".

Yeah Social responsibitlity my ASS!! They do things to make half the population suffer so that the other half is OK. Is that wat SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC means???

The preamble of THE CONSTITUTION OF INDIA says that

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

Well the 1st thng JUSTICE, i don't think anyone has heard about it being served anywhere in India, as we can hear from the numerous murder cases in which the killers are let go after years of litigation.

Then comes LIBERTY, yeah that's there in plenty. Truckloads of it, but only to policemen and to people high up in the ranks of power. Everyone saw what protesting students met with when anyone has the LIBERTY to have a demonstration, in a country that got its freedom through such peaceful and nonviolent protests. But now it seems those same leaders whoose forefathers did these agitations, turned a blind eye when students were lathicharged and protesters were gunned down with water cannons.

No one said anything about EQUALITY for a long time until this bill came up in parliament. Now it seems the people in power tried to read the constitution and just got their eyes till the PREAMBLE and already the whole country is shaking in its aftermath. But sadly they just seemed to notice this one word EQUALITY, and they are doing everything at hand to prove that they are the upholders of the CONSTITUTION.

Now if they continue in the same spirit and execute the rest of what is written in it, this would be the greatest govt that India has seen in recent years, but my instincts suggest otherwise. Now they have been in power for just 2 years and there are lotta happenigs now itself. The bills are being passed so fast that the media can't keep tabs on the proceedings of the Parliament. But the president sure reads all the bills before signing them. That's another rare feature of the present Indian administration.

If this goes on the people in power would have a free march till the next elections, in which they would say "we gave your seats you give us votes". Now the thing that they miss is that more than half this country is made up of so called unreserved GENERAL category and that if they wish all these MP's would never see the steps of parliament again. But yeah they know the public in India, the India where only the lower caste's go to cast votes because the upper echelons of society are, in their words "too educated to waste time on this". So the govt's safe on that front too.

Let's all just pray that the govt doesn't have such brainstorming ideas on other social issues also.


headbanger said...

Hah .. true man .... So true...
This government does ammount to $#!T .. they have made sooooo many wrong decisions !! ...The tsunami relief, US Nuclear deal, Iran Issue, Dealin with Russia while the US deal was goin on, The reservation issue and now office of profit. Manmohan sucks !

Jayakrishnan said...

If they r gonna implement tht in private sectors,whts gonna happen is that private companies will leave india & will 2 other countries..