Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tough break for Gunners

Arsenal lost to Barcelona in the finals of the UEFA Champions League. Sob!! It's tough to take for the Gunners but they really made a heroic effort tonight. I was so confident that gunners would take this year's trophy after Henry's free-kick from the right flank was headed in by Campbell! What a beauty it was to watch! Really gave me the feeling that we would have the trophy at Stade-de-France tonight.

But it's a tought break for Arsenal this time. Especially after Lehmann was sent off for bringing down Eto'o! I would say from that moment onwards Arsenal didn't play to their potential. Then came Eboue's yellow card for We did great by putting pressure on Barca in the first half, but then we lost the player who got us to the finals-Lehmann. It was a tought decision from the refree's part. The match had a point of interest only when the first goal was scored by Campbell. Then at the half time, we had Arsenal leading 1-0.

But things changed a lot in the 2nd half, Arsenal had the lead but the question was "Can they keep it?" Now the pressure was on Arsenal, we were a 10 man side, and we had a lead to defend. To have it all the rain began to lash in like anything. Barca began their series of attacks at the box and suddenly things looked as if our defence was stumbling. ALongwith that we had a yellow for Henry, which did look like a serious tackle.Towards the middle of the 2nd half we had a string of chances in corners and freekicks, but none converted to a goal. Then came the equaliser from Barca to square the scoreboard. Arsenal looked weary and immediatly after the euqaliser Barca scored again, this time it was from Belletti. It was a good goal, tight angle, beautifully placed. Now the Arsenal fans were trying to breathe life back into the stunned players. But things were way out of bounds now. With just minutes to spare for full time, the game seemed to drag on for ever.

Arsenal nearly made it but it was always going to be very tough once Lehmann was sent off. They won't bring home the cup but Arsenal fans can be proud that we reached the Champions league FINALS. This win surely will boost Ronaldhino's confidence and i am sure we will get to see more action in the world cup.

Can't wait for it to start!!

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