Thursday, May 11, 2006

Results are here!!!!!

Finally the elections in Kerala are over. Hooooooo, now let's take a breather and analyse wat's in it for ordirnary guys like me. Well the Left's got a clear majority and they wdn't have any trbl forming the govt. Now the heated discussion going on is: who's gonna be the next Kerala CM. Today the central commitee of the CPI(M) made a statement that the next CM would be chosen on May 13th, i dunno why ther's still speculation as to who shoud rule. From my viewpoint VS deserves full credit for this win and he should be rightfully given the post. But it's not sure who would be in front of the governor on the day of the oath-taking, so me keepin all options open.

Then come many issues that the left hs been voicing it's opposition to, mainly the Fees problem in the Engg. colleges and other issues like the Kochi Infopark, Tvpm technopark expansion, inviting private partners for developing the Vizhinjam harbour etc.

The left has made it's stand very clear on the Engg. fees issue when they were in the opposition, but i don't know how they are gonna appease the public and at the same time be nice to the managements as well. That's one issue on which i would like to see some reaction from the new government.

Another vital issue is the development of Tvpm and Kochi by getting help from private agencies, since the day the deal was put on paper, the left has been voicing it's protest saying that these agencies won't do justice to the public of Kerala. Moreover the state secretary Mr Pinarayi has spoken outright that he would never support such a move if he's in power. So all these words make me wary if such initiatives taken up by the previous govt. wd be continued with the same spirit and enthusiasm.

It's nothing new in Kerala, each new govt. shuns the initiatives taken by the old govt. The congress did that to LDF's Manaveeyam program in 2001, and so i don't expect the left to act different. But what me and the millions of other's in Kerala would definitely like to see is that, Kerala should get it's right place in the political, economical and cultural map of India. Being the most literate state in India, anyone would expect Keralites to do wonders in the field of Science & Technology, but that hardly happens. Similar is the case in any field. I know people can find exceptions like tourism or education, but still what i feel is that our state-God's own country has the potential to do a lot more. So let's just hope that the new govt. would carry out the duties with full righteous nature and help our state to top in all respects.

Last but nt th least, i would like to see what Sakshi, a program in Kairali TV would show from next month onwards. For people who watch it, there is no need for an introduction to the eyes of sakshi that always keep on looking for trouble and injustice. For me that's the best program aired on any Malayalam channel. It showcases the pathetic conditions of the roads, lamps and other public utitilities and also points out the mistakes blurted out by our EX-minister's, MP's and MLA's. I just hope that it would continue with the same spirit and vigour when the UDF was in the ruling benches and that we would still get to see what kind of conditions people around us live in. But my hopes hav dwindled because Kairali is a channel owned by the Left parties and i just don't know if they would have the same freedom of expression that was there when the left was in the opposition benches.

Looking frwd to a new, bright and refreshing experience in our state-God's own country - KERALA

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~~~Raje$h~~~ said...

yeah i used to watch sakshi till a couple of months back...they r now becoming stupid!!! no comments on ldf but full of comments on udf...and they need to learn to respect!

their attitude needs to change...but its a left party channel....they cant help it i guess....