Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Anti Reservation Woes!!!

It's sad to note that the anti-reservation protests are turning violent and still the govt. hasn't made a sound statement about the anarchy doled out on the protesting students in Mumbai and Delhi. It's pathetic to see policemen beating peaceful protestors who just raised their voice against a just cause. They were not there to protest against lack of infrastructure in colleges, or to raise their stipends. They were there for EQUALITY for all, so that the future generations of students in India wouldn't have to suffer the stupid decisions being taken byt populist governments and minister's who hide behind a veil of statements like "It's upto Parliament now!!" .

But there was one other side to all these protests that many missed. It was the sad plight of many sick people who came to the hospitals to be treated by the doctors. I don't know why the doctors refused treatment to these people. They didn't do anything to bring in the reservations, many of them don't even know why the doctors are having a strike. It is gross injustice to these poor people who have no other way out to get treatment. Almost all of them can't afford to go to private hospitals. The doctors should make it a point to see that in the course of fighting for justice, they are also being just to their duties and carry out their responsibilities.

The protests are happening all across the country and it's sad to know that not a single protest march or a meeting was held in Tamilnadu and my state KERALA. Maybe majority of us are not having any problems to this quota issue. But i would like to see some action on the part of the government seeing that so much has happened just when the minister concerned came out with the proposal, so what will happen if the real bill is passed.

That's a question which provokes my thought process and i am sure each of us will be thinking about the answer to it in near future.

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Anonymous said... A nice video of real status of Dalits and distinguishing how dalit problem is different for OBC problems