Monday, April 03, 2006

What a ordeal!!!

It's been a fortnight since i posted something, well i can attribute it to many things but i dn't wanna put up excuses for not being there.

So here i am once again tellin all about something that has been in my mind for some time now. It's not such a big deal but it sure made me put my Thinkin caps on. It was a incident that made my eyes POP outta ther sockets (the eyes still are fine BTW).

It happened so that i still didnt have any proof to show that am over 18 and technically eligible to cast my valuable VOTE, so i went to the Taluk Office to get the Electoral Identity Card to get eligibility to vote. Now that was indeed a place where i did have some troubles, but not the kind that one expects in a typical "SARKAAAR AAAAPPISE". Since i live on the outskirts of Trivandrum City i had the good fortune to be in a constituency that ddnt have many turning up for havin their nice faces mutilated by horrible photos(courtesy DIGITAL CAMERA), so i ddnt hav to stand in any queue on the hot sun, nor did i have any USUAL troubles with the "SARKAAAR AAAPISERS". They were surprisingly polite and very cooperative. Now came the moment that i hate to describe. In the forms i had to write my name in MALAYALAM, which is my mother tongue, but since i did my schoolin in a school which ddnt have this as a subject, i ddnt know how to write in mallu, eventhough i can very well read it. So i went in search of someone who would help me in this predicament. I couldn't find many helping faces, so i finally had to approach a rather hostile looking young man who happened to be a driver @ the AAAPISE, i asked him "CHETA, Onnu e form fill cheytu tharumo?" and he glanced at me, then once again he gave me a stare, like the one we get to see in a film, when the villain gives the hero a look and the camera does a full close up from the toes to the hair. I could understand what that man would have thought " Nice chap, seems to be havin lotta money, with mobile n stuff, pakshe enthu cheyyan VIVARAM ILLALO". Hesitantingly he filled out all the forms and after thanking him profusely, i gave them at the counter and got chance to get my photo taken, and that opened a pandora's box of troubles. I had the previlege to have the card issued on the same day that my photo was taken, as it was the last week to giv application. So i sat on a chair waitin for the photographer to fix his ANTIQUE DIGITAL camera an then take my pic. I was all smiles while posing an then he said " Dnt SMILE, tht is nt needed, this aint a weddin pic" and so i put up a different face(pretty serious) and he took the pic and i was told to wait outside while they enter my details and then gimme the card. So i was outside lookin at all the good lookin chicks whu were sweatin like hell(lookin HOT TOO!!!), waitin in serpentine queue's for hours in the hot sun, and here i was goin to get the card within 10 mins of my coming to the "AAAPISE". As i was standin there enjoyin the SIGHTS, a peon calls out my name, and i go to get the card and what it's wat i get, a card with my name, details, address et all. But hey wait a sec, when did i sport long hair?? and then it became clear(like the sprite ad-CLEAR HAI!!) it wasn't my pic. It was some other GIRL. I wanted to hit the guy an giv him a piece of my mind. But surprisingly i was calm and told him abt my problem and then they said they would replace it and giv another in 1 min. This time i said i am comfy in the AAAPISE interiors and then stood there while they searched for my pic in their DATABASE. Finally after 5-6 desperate minutes i got a shock to see that my so called picture had no resemblance to my good face :D. Then they said it was some prob with the lighting and made me sit at a different place and this time the camera guy took the photo, this time i had all the frustration on my face, and boy what a clear image it was, as if the camera had a mind of it's own and knew that i wd do somethn ugly if it came up with someother pic this time. So i am issued my ELECTORAL IDENTITY CARD with a picture that truly speakin looks like a guy out of a Police HITLIST. Seethin anger in the eyes and starin at the camera as if it was my enemy who took the picture.

And so ended my ordeal in the "TAAALOOOK AAAPISE", with me havin my lion's share of embarrassing moments, but i ddnt want all of them on 1 single day.

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