Saturday, March 18, 2006

What a week it was

It was really a great week for me, it swinged in many ways. It began on a good note with me getting some money on Wednesday as I had mentioned in my previous post. Then came Thursday the day our college's Arts festival started.
It was a 2 day event with some events' prelims held on the previous days. As I was not in the college on Wednesday, I cdn't appear for the prelims of Best Manager, an event in which i think i can do well. I am not bragging but from past experiences and my ability to be calm under stress makes me say that i can do well in Best manager. So i was pissed off at the organizers (union members) as they had actually planned the event to be held on Thursday, but then had a change of mind on Wednesday. So me and my partner for debate cdn't make it to the BM prelims.
So thus came Thursday, i reached the coll a bit late,coz i was late after my late night chat. The day was goin good, i was in 1 adzap team wch had a kool product, a hair coloring agent. So we guys were makin poster all mornin. Then in aftnoon we had the campaign round wherein we had to run arnd campaigning for our product havin color in our hair looking like friggin gypsies.

Then someone said “man the reslts of s5 are out" and then all ran to the CAD lab to get the reslts, and i was havin a tuff time to get into the lab with my colored hair i looked out of place. So finally when i found my way into the lab and saw the print out of the reslt i was shocked, my name ddnt figure in the list of guys with all papers cleared. My eyes went to the bottom list, the 1 with the number's of the guys with uncleared papers and there i saw my number but then came the next shock, I ddn't clear not 1, not 2 but three papers. Boy it was like a bullet from a sniper, totaly unexpected. I was in a haze for a moment, i could see myself in the same position i see some of my seniors when their classmates get jobs and they have this hung expression on their faces. I could see all my dreams about getting a placement go up in flames. When i got back to reality i could see the expression on the faces of my friends, even they were stunned at my performance :D.

Gosh a suppli is a real eye-opener, makes you think twice before you jump out of the class to go for a movie, i dunno wat i am gonna do. Then i got back to class, all were like “how the hell did you of all people get a suppli" and the only thing i could say was “i dunno". In my mind i was shouting " why now of all the semesters, why not before, why only now". I cdn't fix my mind to stay focused on anythin i withdrew from the campaign. The reslt really was like a cold shower. I ddn't know where i was gonna end up with 2 of the tuffest papers in Mechanical Engg. uncleared -
Metallurgy & Material Sci. and Industrial Electronics. I guess my haterd for these subs paid off in the form of backpapers.

So there i was in the middle of a week, wch had began on a good note, now i had 2 options:
1) Sit and brood abt sumthin wch can't be changed
2) Go on wth the arts fest an 4get abt wat happ.

I chose the latter, i went on wth the arts fest and participated in debate, but ddnt get thru to the finals. Though it was sad to have a suppli @ this stage of my BTech, i thght wat could i do now, i ddn't do when i shd have and got the reslt. So i went on with the fest and then came home. I ddn't have the courage to tell dad abt my suppli. So i told the reslt's arn't out yet, might come my satrday.

Then came friday, had a boring CAT class in the morning and then went to the coll @ 9. The only event in which i could say tht i wd surely win was up next-QUIZ. The quiz started late as 1 team's participants ddn't find it necessary to be on time for the event. Anyways my team did win the quiz and then came the time to support my classmates while they performed on stage and they did need a strong support, and i shd say am good @ tht job, especially with my VOICE. I had trbl keepin up with the other class' cheer groups. But finally only mexxian's had the voice that could beat evry1. We had gr8 support from our junior batches, both the 1st and 2nd years. They are truly the best people who can carry forward what we started off.

Then came the final results and we won with a good margin defeating our closest rivals- the geeks from electronics.

So thus came the culmination of the arts fest, and we regained our trophy, we won it for the 2nd consecutive year and it gives me gr8 pride and makes my heart sing aloud like Alonso last season-"WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS".

Now it's time for me to go back to the world where i am a loser, a guy who got a backpaper in a crucial semester, a guy who wouldn't get a job in the campus placemnts and to tell the truth that makes me cry out loud. Hope a miracle happens and all this ends like a bad nightmare with this note “and they lived happily ever after"


acid_ice said...

hmm, must say i empathize with u, as a guy who had 7 suppli's in s3.. and more later.. but the point is, suppli's are not the end of the world, even in s5..
I cleared 6 of those 7 papers in s4... n tho i aint placed yet, its not like i'm not qualified 2 advise.. :D

n placements, i'm sure ur CGPU can do a lot 2 help u.. something called "masking".. n its not like placements happen only in s7.. s8 stretches ahead...

even if tht doesnt work out..["I am not bragging but from past experiences and my ability to be calm under stress makes me say that i can do well in Best manager."].. tht makes u an automatic candidate 4 an MBA.. so y worry yaar..

worrying 2 much is only gonna drag down ur performance in this sem.. so take it easy, work steady, n u can b clear of those 3 papers in no time...

all the best..

anu.anila said... acid_ice put it, its sure not de end of life...things wud sure turn brighter to someone who clearly deserves it...continue smilin, remain cool & keep rockin like u do now...all's for de best - may b this is jus to get u equipped with de challenges u r destined to face in ur successful career & life ;)