Saturday, March 11, 2006

That Gal

Hi all,

I have beed shyin away from this blog for some time, i know it would sound lame to come up with obtuse reasons for not blogging for so long.

So i would say why all of a sudden i felt like bloggin n lettin the wrld know wat's in my mind. As usual with any guy it's coz of a GAL. Now i know what anyone out there would think, "why the hell should we listen to this guy's broken romances". But here that ain't the case. Here what happened is quite different. There is no "maramchutti" preman, no exchange of letter's, not even a phone call. Now one might wonder what is so special in all this.

All this starts off when i went to Kayamkulam to participate in a fest held @ a college there (i know my last post ws abt such fests, but some money in 1's pocket dsn't hurt). The college was in a "GUDAM" area, but very beautiful and surprisingly the infrastructure was good. So this fest was a 2 day programme, and i was participating both the days, so i had stayed overnight in the Mens hostel of the college. My 1st experience of such kind, coz i have the fortune of going to a college which is quite near my home.

So during the 1st day i won the 3rd position in the quiz( oh yes i do win sometimes). So i was kinda a celebrity there, all the people who saw the quiz knew me, and man the college had a good, no graeat collection of good looking gals, i never knew Allapuzha had such good looking women. Anyways on the 2nd day i had 2 events-Best manager and Ad Zap. In both events i ddnt get any prize( which is quite usual).

So finally the time came to say adieu to the college and pack my bags n head back to Trivandrum. I know u guys might be thinkin " Wher the hell is the gal". That's where i am coming to, it needs a proper background to begin na. So here comes the gal, THE GAL.

So i got into a bus to get to Kayamkulam Railway sation and then i see that there is a gal in the bus from the college where i went, she is wearing the uniform and she is all smiles when i look at her. I ddn't look much into her side for sometime, not coz i ddnt want to, but coz i ddnt have the oppourtunity. So finally the time came for this lady to get off the bus, my stop was still far away, and i was sitting in a window seat. She gets down the bus and then gets into another bus which goes in the opposite direction, i see her and smile @ her, she is really smiling like hell at me and then i show a small wave of hand @ her, and then the surprise of my lifetime, she leans all out of the bus and waves back with all her might. I dunno wat made me sit in that bus instead of runnin behind her and for sometime i was stunned. I ddn't know what to do, i then reached the station and was thinkin why the hell didn't i go and ask her name or her phone number or anything. But i don't know what was so special in that smile that she was in my mind and dreams all the night and the next day. maybe it's because not many gals feel like smiling and waving their hand @ me ( i do admit that there are a FEW).
Now i don't know what i should do and i am in a dillema. One side of my mind says i should somehow find her and propose my heart's feelings to her, but then there's this other side that shuns away at the thought of such a action. I really don't know what i should do. If ever i go to her and say what i feel, i am apprehensive about the way she would react to this, what if she was just waving at me as i was seeing her for the last time and she was happy to get rid of me, or what if she was waving to call me and say " IDIOT i thought u would ask my number".


Help me from this dillema


Anonymous said...

U c Abhi, it is always nice to e optimistic ... good for u. Bt if u were really referring to the gal in bus , methinks u got it all wrong .. as she was smiling to me all trough the journey... hehe , anyways it oks.... pavam oru mandante athimoham ayyi karuth njan kshamichu kollam

Anonymous said...

I wd say u shd pursue this and go and find out what she really meant when she waved @ u.

Good luck dude

Anonymous said...

love at first sight is always not advisable

Anonymous said...

Are you sure she wasn't MAD??

lost optimist..^!^ said...

ah! its just a crush..the work of the evil hormones..ull get over it in no me!!

Anonymous said...

U didint told about her to me..till now..why u ddint..anyway i think u dont consider me taht much ok..leave it take care see u again..

Anonymous said...

machhaan !! what made you think of proposing her? 3 minutes of unknown relationship? please pause and think, its no Love !