Sunday, March 19, 2006

Renault get a 1 2 finish @ Sepang

Wow wat a race it was today, simply awesome specially since kimi crashed in the wall in the 1st lap itself. I know ths might sound greek n latin to some but this is wat is the best thing that's happened to me all day.

The quals yesday were gr8, with Nico Rosberg giving a gr8 time. But it seemed so unfair after Nico Rosberg's engine blew spectacularly after only six laps when he was running sixth, i think the kid deserved a better deal. He showed such gr8 potential yesday, and boy did he give a chase for the "Seniors". It looked so kool, a 20 yr old like me giving them a run for their money.

But i felt like jumping around when i saw the podium @ the end. The result sees Alonso’s lead at the head of the drivers’ championship increase to seven points over Michael Schumacher, while Renault now enjoys a 13 point margin over second-placed Ferrari in the constructors’ championship. Even though i would like Ferrari to win this year, as they do deserve a win, but am so happy that McLaren is no where in the picture, geee how good it feels to be leadin the tables right from the start. One should have seen Kimi's crash, his "Loyal" fans would say it was all Klien's mistake ramming his car into Kimi's, but people who understand the dynamics would support me when i say that "It was Kimi's aggresive stupidity that cost him & his car a finish". Anyways nice to know that the season's gonna see some gr8 competition, there are many evenly paced teams and it's any1's game. Hope that fans of Ferrari won't be disappointed and we would be able to see that "Schumi can still win if he wants to".

If only Karthikeyan had driven without crashing his car more often than finishing, we could still had a "INDIAN F1 Driver" but wat to do, he just ddn't have the perseverance to make it through many times and wat a crash it was the last race, still fresh in my mind. It made one think, "boy is he doing a crash test or driving a f1 car??". He was like compiling " The Idiot's guide on How to crash a F1 car???". Hope he has better luck seeing younger kids like Rosberg during his stint as "Test Driver" @ Williams.

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john said...

Damn U!...kimi neva puts a pedal wrong
it was all klien's inexperience in an F1 car. Kimi's da best!