Sunday, March 12, 2006

I got a Cell phone


Finally a log cherished dream of mine was fulfilled when i became the proud owner of a Motorola c-168.
I know it ain't such a great phone and that it doesn't have the latest gizmos like bluetooth or mp3 playback or EVEN a camera. But still i guess the basic purpose of havin a fone is to make calls and this baby can do that in a pretty good way.
Regarding the features of the phone, well as i said above, it aint got any pathbreaking features still it is pretty decent buy for Rs 4000. It has Poly ringtones,FM Radio,MMS,GPRS,has a good 65k color screen. Along with this comes the usual goodies like a huge phonebook and free handsfree set.

But the real good thing is the way it looks.

How's the picture of my hard earned money turned into a phone :D. I really feel proud to say that this phone was bought with only my money and not a single paisa from my dad, bt i sure wd appreciate it if he wd pay the bills :D



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