Sunday, March 19, 2006

Renault get a 1 2 finish @ Sepang

Wow wat a race it was today, simply awesome specially since kimi crashed in the wall in the 1st lap itself. I know ths might sound greek n latin to some but this is wat is the best thing that's happened to me all day.

The quals yesday were gr8, with Nico Rosberg giving a gr8 time. But it seemed so unfair after Nico Rosberg's engine blew spectacularly after only six laps when he was running sixth, i think the kid deserved a better deal. He showed such gr8 potential yesday, and boy did he give a chase for the "Seniors". It looked so kool, a 20 yr old like me giving them a run for their money.

But i felt like jumping around when i saw the podium @ the end. The result sees Alonso’s lead at the head of the drivers’ championship increase to seven points over Michael Schumacher, while Renault now enjoys a 13 point margin over second-placed Ferrari in the constructors’ championship. Even though i would like Ferrari to win this year, as they do deserve a win, but am so happy that McLaren is no where in the picture, geee how good it feels to be leadin the tables right from the start. One should have seen Kimi's crash, his "Loyal" fans would say it was all Klien's mistake ramming his car into Kimi's, but people who understand the dynamics would support me when i say that "It was Kimi's aggresive stupidity that cost him & his car a finish". Anyways nice to know that the season's gonna see some gr8 competition, there are many evenly paced teams and it's any1's game. Hope that fans of Ferrari won't be disappointed and we would be able to see that "Schumi can still win if he wants to".

If only Karthikeyan had driven without crashing his car more often than finishing, we could still had a "INDIAN F1 Driver" but wat to do, he just ddn't have the perseverance to make it through many times and wat a crash it was the last race, still fresh in my mind. It made one think, "boy is he doing a crash test or driving a f1 car??". He was like compiling " The Idiot's guide on How to crash a F1 car???". Hope he has better luck seeing younger kids like Rosberg during his stint as "Test Driver" @ Williams.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

What a week it was

It was really a great week for me, it swinged in many ways. It began on a good note with me getting some money on Wednesday as I had mentioned in my previous post. Then came Thursday the day our college's Arts festival started.
It was a 2 day event with some events' prelims held on the previous days. As I was not in the college on Wednesday, I cdn't appear for the prelims of Best Manager, an event in which i think i can do well. I am not bragging but from past experiences and my ability to be calm under stress makes me say that i can do well in Best manager. So i was pissed off at the organizers (union members) as they had actually planned the event to be held on Thursday, but then had a change of mind on Wednesday. So me and my partner for debate cdn't make it to the BM prelims.
So thus came Thursday, i reached the coll a bit late,coz i was late after my late night chat. The day was goin good, i was in 1 adzap team wch had a kool product, a hair coloring agent. So we guys were makin poster all mornin. Then in aftnoon we had the campaign round wherein we had to run arnd campaigning for our product havin color in our hair looking like friggin gypsies.

Then someone said “man the reslts of s5 are out" and then all ran to the CAD lab to get the reslts, and i was havin a tuff time to get into the lab with my colored hair i looked out of place. So finally when i found my way into the lab and saw the print out of the reslt i was shocked, my name ddnt figure in the list of guys with all papers cleared. My eyes went to the bottom list, the 1 with the number's of the guys with uncleared papers and there i saw my number but then came the next shock, I ddn't clear not 1, not 2 but three papers. Boy it was like a bullet from a sniper, totaly unexpected. I was in a haze for a moment, i could see myself in the same position i see some of my seniors when their classmates get jobs and they have this hung expression on their faces. I could see all my dreams about getting a placement go up in flames. When i got back to reality i could see the expression on the faces of my friends, even they were stunned at my performance :D.

Gosh a suppli is a real eye-opener, makes you think twice before you jump out of the class to go for a movie, i dunno wat i am gonna do. Then i got back to class, all were like “how the hell did you of all people get a suppli" and the only thing i could say was “i dunno". In my mind i was shouting " why now of all the semesters, why not before, why only now". I cdn't fix my mind to stay focused on anythin i withdrew from the campaign. The reslt really was like a cold shower. I ddn't know where i was gonna end up with 2 of the tuffest papers in Mechanical Engg. uncleared -
Metallurgy & Material Sci. and Industrial Electronics. I guess my haterd for these subs paid off in the form of backpapers.

So there i was in the middle of a week, wch had began on a good note, now i had 2 options:
1) Sit and brood abt sumthin wch can't be changed
2) Go on wth the arts fest an 4get abt wat happ.

I chose the latter, i went on wth the arts fest and participated in debate, but ddnt get thru to the finals. Though it was sad to have a suppli @ this stage of my BTech, i thght wat could i do now, i ddn't do when i shd have and got the reslt. So i went on with the fest and then came home. I ddn't have the courage to tell dad abt my suppli. So i told the reslt's arn't out yet, might come my satrday.

Then came friday, had a boring CAT class in the morning and then went to the coll @ 9. The only event in which i could say tht i wd surely win was up next-QUIZ. The quiz started late as 1 team's participants ddn't find it necessary to be on time for the event. Anyways my team did win the quiz and then came the time to support my classmates while they performed on stage and they did need a strong support, and i shd say am good @ tht job, especially with my VOICE. I had trbl keepin up with the other class' cheer groups. But finally only mexxian's had the voice that could beat evry1. We had gr8 support from our junior batches, both the 1st and 2nd years. They are truly the best people who can carry forward what we started off.

Then came the final results and we won with a good margin defeating our closest rivals- the geeks from electronics.

So thus came the culmination of the arts fest, and we regained our trophy, we won it for the 2nd consecutive year and it gives me gr8 pride and makes my heart sing aloud like Alonso last season-"WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS".

Now it's time for me to go back to the world where i am a loser, a guy who got a backpaper in a crucial semester, a guy who wouldn't get a job in the campus placemnts and to tell the truth that makes me cry out loud. Hope a miracle happens and all this ends like a bad nightmare with this note “and they lived happily ever after"

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Got Another Prize!!!!

It's nice to know that there are so many engineering college in Kerala and nicer to know that all of them are vying with each other in conducting technical and cultural fests.

So yesterday was 1 more fest and another evnt to be participated. But things were a bit different by the end of the day. It was happening at rapid speed and i was forced to think for a moment "Is this real????". It was because " I GOT 1st PRIZE IN A QUIZ". I know for many of you out there this may not even be somethin strange, but for me this is a great thing coz it's usual of me to participate in every fest in the state and neighbourhood, but getting the 1st prize is a first.

My team got the 1st in a quiz and fortunately it had a good amount of cash as the prize Rs 3000 :D. Then came the results of debate, there also i wasn't left off, my team got 2nd in that too. That had a modest 2000 buks as the prize.

Hope that my winning spree continues.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

I got a Cell phone


Finally a log cherished dream of mine was fulfilled when i became the proud owner of a Motorola c-168.
I know it ain't such a great phone and that it doesn't have the latest gizmos like bluetooth or mp3 playback or EVEN a camera. But still i guess the basic purpose of havin a fone is to make calls and this baby can do that in a pretty good way.
Regarding the features of the phone, well as i said above, it aint got any pathbreaking features still it is pretty decent buy for Rs 4000. It has Poly ringtones,FM Radio,MMS,GPRS,has a good 65k color screen. Along with this comes the usual goodies like a huge phonebook and free handsfree set.

But the real good thing is the way it looks.

How's the picture of my hard earned money turned into a phone :D. I really feel proud to say that this phone was bought with only my money and not a single paisa from my dad, bt i sure wd appreciate it if he wd pay the bills :D



Saturday, March 11, 2006

That Gal

Hi all,

I have beed shyin away from this blog for some time, i know it would sound lame to come up with obtuse reasons for not blogging for so long.

So i would say why all of a sudden i felt like bloggin n lettin the wrld know wat's in my mind. As usual with any guy it's coz of a GAL. Now i know what anyone out there would think, "why the hell should we listen to this guy's broken romances". But here that ain't the case. Here what happened is quite different. There is no "maramchutti" preman, no exchange of letter's, not even a phone call. Now one might wonder what is so special in all this.

All this starts off when i went to Kayamkulam to participate in a fest held @ a college there (i know my last post ws abt such fests, but some money in 1's pocket dsn't hurt). The college was in a "GUDAM" area, but very beautiful and surprisingly the infrastructure was good. So this fest was a 2 day programme, and i was participating both the days, so i had stayed overnight in the Mens hostel of the college. My 1st experience of such kind, coz i have the fortune of going to a college which is quite near my home.

So during the 1st day i won the 3rd position in the quiz( oh yes i do win sometimes). So i was kinda a celebrity there, all the people who saw the quiz knew me, and man the college had a good, no graeat collection of good looking gals, i never knew Allapuzha had such good looking women. Anyways on the 2nd day i had 2 events-Best manager and Ad Zap. In both events i ddnt get any prize( which is quite usual).

So finally the time came to say adieu to the college and pack my bags n head back to Trivandrum. I know u guys might be thinkin " Wher the hell is the gal". That's where i am coming to, it needs a proper background to begin na. So here comes the gal, THE GAL.

So i got into a bus to get to Kayamkulam Railway sation and then i see that there is a gal in the bus from the college where i went, she is wearing the uniform and she is all smiles when i look at her. I ddn't look much into her side for sometime, not coz i ddnt want to, but coz i ddnt have the oppourtunity. So finally the time came for this lady to get off the bus, my stop was still far away, and i was sitting in a window seat. She gets down the bus and then gets into another bus which goes in the opposite direction, i see her and smile @ her, she is really smiling like hell at me and then i show a small wave of hand @ her, and then the surprise of my lifetime, she leans all out of the bus and waves back with all her might. I dunno wat made me sit in that bus instead of runnin behind her and for sometime i was stunned. I ddn't know what to do, i then reached the station and was thinkin why the hell didn't i go and ask her name or her phone number or anything. But i don't know what was so special in that smile that she was in my mind and dreams all the night and the next day. maybe it's because not many gals feel like smiling and waving their hand @ me ( i do admit that there are a FEW).
Now i don't know what i should do and i am in a dillema. One side of my mind says i should somehow find her and propose my heart's feelings to her, but then there's this other side that shuns away at the thought of such a action. I really don't know what i should do. If ever i go to her and say what i feel, i am apprehensive about the way she would react to this, what if she was just waving at me as i was seeing her for the last time and she was happy to get rid of me, or what if she was waving to call me and say " IDIOT i thought u would ask my number".


Help me from this dillema