Monday, February 06, 2006

Fests n more fests, where is it leading to...?

Hi all,

1st of all lemme apologise to all those whu visit my blog for my prolonged absence, ie if someone does visit.

So i would like to comment upon the large number of inter-collegiate festivals being organised in many of tvm's college's. It was good to know that so much is happening in the city, but the thing is one gets bored when these fests have the usual events, be it technical or cultural.

I guess it all started off when the EEE dept of CET organised URJA. Unfortunatly i was not able to participate in that event due to god knws wat.

Then came yantra organised by the mechanical dept. now that was a event which had a lot of hoopla around it saying that it would be the best technical festivals in kerala, well i am no one to judge the quality of the events, but still from what i gathered by my presense over there, one thing i think that lacked in yantra was the presence of a large audience.

The CETians did a great job in organising the fest in the best possible manner, but what can one do when there is no one to participate other than your own college guys and a few from SCT and GEC. The program deserved a lot more participation than it got. So they better take good efforts to bring in the crowds sumhow for yantra '07

Then came Dyuthi and Srishti both on the same dates organised by the ECE and Civil Dept's .

I did participate in both the events and again the program was plagued by the lack of audience, except for gaming which i think had the most participants, all other events turned out to be a damp squib, moreover the program srishti had quite big budget(that's what i infered from the prizes) but it lacked events which had the capacity to bring in large crowds, the events were designed to be won by Archie students. but it would have been better if there was widespread participation.

The cam MCET's Colloquim, it was what they call as a "technical event", well what can one expect from a college that is kinda RULED by it's principal.

Anyways that is what i think about the events happened in the past few weeks.

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lost optimist..^!^ said...

technical events will be limited to the branch conducting the event.. if not..whts the pt of holding tech fests.. they are to test ur technical knowledge..bout srishti..anyone with a bit of creativity and interest would have appreciated the events..but i do agree it din pull enuf crowd..a proud cetian