Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Am Back

Hi all,

I got back safe and sound, but after burning a hole through my purse after the INDUSTRIAL visit. It ws the greatest trip, but as i had mentioned the consequences were terrible; princy was breathing fire when we showed up 3 days after our ALLOWANCE. He was firin all the guys. Then as a solace he had planned a PTA meeting on sunday, and we never knew about it as we were on the IV. In the meetin he publicly was firin all parents for lettin ther KIDS go off like this.

Then the next day he says we all wd have to pay condonation for attendnce for our semester exams. We hoped that he was clam by then.

Today that %@&#&@# comes an says he won't allow us to write the exam unless we compensate for the 18 Hours class that we LOST, am askin u guys can ANY 1 DO THAT, i mean can a princy do that.

Post ur responces ASAP.



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