Saturday, September 10, 2005

Onam Is around the corner

Hi all,

All might be wondering why i ddnt post something for so long, well ther are many reasons, mainly coz i had a crash of my old faithfull windows xp.

So am back, and in full force. As onam is here once again, i thght why not share what onam means to me.

Onam for me used to be a great jovial occasion in childhood, i used to have a great time with my friends, relatives and many others.

Then came the time when i gave up all this and sat at home all through my onam hols.

But thinkin abt all ths nw makes me feel that i ddnt enjoy that time, and that i should have did this i could hav done that ......

So now onam has become just a time when i get a break from the monotony called College life
life has just become something that passes by and i can't do anythin to change it.

God i wish i had those good old days wth me 1se again.

If any1 reads this do tell me what u make out of all that i typed, coz i can't figure out wat it means.

Adios till nxt time (god knws whn)