Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Itinerary-Mexx IV to B'lore,Goa & Coorg;-21st Sept to 29th Sept

21st Sept 1330: Departure from Govt. Engg.College, Barton Hill
22nd Sept 0800: Arrival @ B'lore
1000: Visit to Hindustan Aeronautical's Ltd.
1700: Sight-seeing & Shopping
23rd Sept 1000: Visit to Ashok Leyland Ltd., Hosur
1400: Visit to Azad Body Builders(BUS Bodies)
1700: Sight-seeing & Shopping
2100: Departure from B'lore
24th Sept 1100: Arrival @ GOA
1400:Sight-seeing & Shopping
25th Sept 1000: Visit to Invest-Cast India, Panjim(nt sure abt the name)
1700: Sight-seeing & Shopping
26th Sept 1000: Visit to Historical Sights in and around Panjim
1700: Sight-seeing & Shopping
2100: Departure from Goa
27th Sept 1130: Arrival @ Coorg
1400: Enjoying the untouched wilderness. :D
2000: Campfire and open-air dinner
28th Sept 0800: Departure from Coorg
1400: Stopover @ Bekal Fort
29th Sept 0900: Arrival @ Trivandrum( Whoa! finally)

* All the details above are tentative, for actual timings ask me when i return (if we return).

Actually all that is written above is unsure except for the only fact that we will depart @ 1330 Hrs from GECB. Rest is in the hands of our principal who would decide whether he should suspend us or dismiss us as we hav only informed him about the Mexx IV from 21st Sept to 25th Sept. So whether we go as per the above itinerary or even if we should return depends on him.

Hoping to hav the best time of the year.



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